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Rick Grimes Lives

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/05/2018


Last night AMC TV aired ″The Walking Dead″ episode, ″What Comes After?″ The 5th episode of Season 9 was the big farewell to the series primary hero, Rick Grimes, played by actor Andrew Lincoln. Last week, we watched as Rick was thrown from a horse while leading a horde of walkers (zombies) away from the collection of human communities. Rick landed on a large piece of scrap concrete and was impaled through the gut by a rod of rebarb steel. Things looked pretty bad, indeed!




Spoilers hinted that Episode 5 would be mostly a very artist series of flashbacks and dreams as Rick relives the past few years of the zombie apocalypse. We certainly had plenty of each last night. Rick ′communicated′ with many past characters who died before. Each reminded Rick of his strength and purpose, and told him he needs to wake up! Rick kepy passing out from his wound and blood loss as he continued leading a huge horde of walkers away.


In Episode 4, Darryl had suggested that Rick lead them to the bridge they were trying to rebuild, as it would not support the weight and collapse, washing the walkers out of sea. But Rick dismissed this idea at first. However, with time and blood running out, Rick changed his mind. The bridge would have to be sacrificed.


Meanwhile, Maggie arrived at Alexandria to kill Negan. Michone meets her at the jail and tries to talk Maggie out of it. Maggie is adamant, she wants revenge! Michone asks her, ″What comes after?″ Maggie answers with, ″Give me the key.″ Michone does and Maggie enters the jail alone to face Negan. She unloads her anger on Negan, who seems ready to die. In fact, when Maggie changes her mind, Negan weeps as he must continue living without his beloved Lucille. Maggie and Michone then learn about the herd of walkers approaching the bridge. They muster a force to fight them. On the road, Jadis/Anne is having vehicle trouble as she heads for her rendezvous with the helicopter people. She then hears on the radio chatter about the situation at the bridge.


Rick reaches the bridge with the horde right behind. He manages to get across it, but, the weight of the walkers is no collapsing the bridge. He puts down a few quicker walkers whom reach Rick. Exhausted, with no other choice, Rick spots some boxes of dynamite conveniently left behind right about at the center of the bridge. All seems lost until Darryl, Maggie, Michone, Carol and and army of humans arrive. Darryl starts taking out walkers as they close on Rick. Michone and the rest race towards the bridge to deal with the horde.


All through his trek, Rick has been telling the ghosts he meets that he is looking for his family. Now, at long last, he sees his family. Those whom he has struggled with these past years. Those whom he has fought for to save from death. He knows his mission is completed. That his life has had meaning, purpose. Rick aims his pistol at the dynamite and blows up the bridge! Michone screams out in agony as she watches the horde set ablaze and fall into the fast moving river. Carol and Maggie hold Michone back from joining her beloved Rick in death.


Or is Rick dead? As Jadis/Anne arrives at the rendezvous where a helicopter is hovering, she is asked by the mysterious voice on the radio if she has an A or a B? Jadis/Anne looks at the river and sees countless bodies of crispy walkers float by. She then sees Rick washed up on shore. Jadis/Anne tells the helicopter that she has a ″half-A″ and that he is hurt and needs help. The next thing we see is Jadis/Anne hovering over Rick who is now on a gurney inside the helicopter. The chopper lifts off as she tells Rick he will be alright.


Following the show, on ″Talking Dead″, co-producer Scott Gimble announces that the story of Rick Grimes is not over. While he will no longer appear on ″The Walking Dead″, Andrew Lincoln will be reprising the character in a series of movies which will air on AMC TV, as well as through other means. We will eventually learn what happens to Rick as he lives elsewhere with the mysterious helicopter people. Gimble said that there will be other productions separate from the current story lines, as well, such as what happens in other places around the world during the zombie apocalypse. So, Rick Grimes is not dead and we will soon find out what he is up to in the near future. Meanwhile, on ″The Walking Dead″, next week′s episode time-leaps forward several years as we see Judith Grimes as a young child, killing walkers with a sword and a pistol. Woo-Hoo!


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