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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Primer

Sunday night, July 16, all eyes will be on HBO for the Season 7 premiere of ″Game Of Thrones″. Forget about everything else! Trump, Russia, etc. Even if you are not one of the 7 Million or so regular viewers of the hit, epic television series, it will be discussed at great length Monday morning across the realm. The series has become a significant part of our popular culture. Unlike some other series which have been around for several years, ″Game Of Thrones″ has become even more popular with bigger audiences and ratings. So what is all the ′hub-bub′ about? Let us review a quick primer to bring you non-fans up to speed.




First, I suppose we should mention that ″Game Of Thrones″ is based on the series of novels by George R. R. Martin known as ″A Song of Ice and Fire″. Inspired by the English ′War of the Roses′ (which is what attracted me), ″GOT″ combines the epic visions and elements of other works such as ″The Lord of the Rings″. The world in ″Game Of Thrones″ has two main continents, Westeros and Essos. Westeros is sort of a larger version of Britain and Essos a smaller version of Asia Minor. There are also many islands, large and small, which have kingdoms and city-states. Much of the action takes place on Westeros, home of the Iron Throne in the city of King′s Landing. The Iron Throne, and rulership over the 7 Kingdoms, is the great prize which all seek.


Yesterday, I spent over 2 hours working on this article, trying to explain the whole series from the very beginning. Then, I realized how futile that was. There is simply too much to go into. I wrote about 1,500 words and barely covered the first couple of seasons. Fortunately, some of the plot lines have passed as many characters have been killed off. For example, all of the kings which had started in the series are all dead. Some kingdoms have had several rulers come and go. So I am just going to deal with what is happening now as Season 7 begins.


″Winter is coming!″ Yep, its getting awfully cold in the North Kingdom, where the formally dead Jon Snow has been brought back to life. He is now King of the North after retaking Winterfell. His half-sister-cousin Sansa Stark is stepping aside her claim to the Stark house and allowing Jon to take charge. The Stark family still has many enemies about, along with the Army of the Undead to still deal with. The Night King, who leads the Undead, is moving further south and it is doubtful that the Knight′s Watch will be able to defend The Wall on their own. Jon Snow needs to muster allies to help keep the zombies from overrunning Westeros.


Then we have trouble from the south approaching Westeros in the form of Daernerys Targaryen, the Stormborn, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. She has an army, three dragons and a fleet to transport her forces from the arid continent of Essos to Westeros. Her goal is to conquer and claim the Iron Throne and be Queen of the 7 Kingdoms. One of her newest allies is everyone’s favorite dwarf, Tyrion Lannister. He′s run out of friends and options in Westeros since most think he murdered his nephew, the young and arrogant King Joffery, poisoning a cup of wine. Actually, Joffery was assassinated by others with a poisoned wedding pie. Oh well!


Things at King′s Landings, the capitol of Westeros, are in turmoil after Queen Cersei Lannister blew up the Cathedral along with all of her opponents. They had gathered there to conduct her trial for her many sins, namely bearing three children with her twin brother, Jamie Lannister. After Joffery′s death, Cersei′s youngest son, Tommen, was made king, and he got lured into supporting the religious fanatics, the Sparrows, He was ready to allow them to execute his mother. But Cersei struck first and upon watching the Cathedral blow up, Tommen decided to serve the 7 gods by throwing himself out of the palace tower. Following this, Cersei was made herself Queen and has taken the Iron Throne. But how long can she keep it?


There are some other side plot-lines going on, but the primary actions are those involving ′The Great War′ as Daerynes lands her army, and dragons, in Westeros, as well as The North and the coming of the Undead. We have learned in Season 6 that Jon Snow is related to Daernerys. They are cousins and we may see them join forces at some point. Especially since her dragons could easily wipe out the Undead, burning them to a crisp. But can Jon Snow survive his immediate enemies from the other houses of Westeros?


The Season 7 premiere of HBO′s ″Game Of Thrones″ promises to launch seven dramatic, action-packed episodes bringing us closer to a resolution of the series. I hope this primer is helpful for you first-time watchers to appreciate and follow along with events. This is an epic of a series and worthwhile watching, even if you are not into knights and dragons and such. The acting is superb, the cinematography (and CGI) is spectacular! So we have a good excuse to put aside Trump, Russia, Obamacare and even Congressional dress codes for one evening. ″Game Of Thrones″ will be the big story on the Internet this weekend and beyond!


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