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Dan Spilo Removed From Survivor

Dan Spilo, a contestant on season 39 of CBS "Survivor:  Island of the Idols" was removed from the game.  Back on the November 13 double episode, Dan was accused by Kellee Kim and two other female contestants of sexual harassment.  Mainly of being a tad too touchy-feely, especially at night when players slept closely in their make shift shelter.  In other words, "inappropriate behavior".  After Kim complained to the show's producers, all contestants were warned about such behavior.  Producers then privately warned Dan, according to some reports, being told that he was, "on thin ice".  Kim attempted to orchestrate Dan being booted at the next tribal council.  But, the tribe spoke and blindsided Kim instead.  This caused quite the outcry on social media!

Things appeared to have settled down until this latest episode.  The current power alliance, which included Dan, had voted off Elaine on Night 35.  Just six players remained.  But, before the show ended, we see the morning of Day 36 dawn.  Host Jeff Probst arrives by boat to meet the contestants, of whom there are only 5 present.  Puzzled, the players realize that Dan is missing.  Jeff explains that due to an outside situation, Dan has been pulled from the game.  Not only is he gone, he will not be part of the Jury.  After this scene, the TV audience is informed that Dan was removed due to another behavior complaint, but not by a contestant.  Hmm?  What the hell happened?

Was it another complaint of inappropriate behavior made by a female production crew member?  Perhaps he got nasty with a male crew member and overstepped the allowed anger level?  I have no doubt that the incident will eventually make its way to the public.  Some may say he got his just desert after escaping removal earlier.  Whatever the case, Dan Spilo is gone, leaving 5 players left to compete for the million dollar prize.  That will be decided on the season 39 finale of "Survivor:  Island of the Idols" to be aired next week Wednesday at 8pm Eastern on CBS.

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