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Trump Wows Huge Rally In Duluth

Anyone in the Fake News Media who thought that President Donald Trump would lose support over the illegal immigrant children issue was sadly mistaken. Last night, the President wowed the crowd in a packed rally in Duluth, Minnesota. They roared, they cheered at President Trump′s every word! They even started chanting ″Space Force, Space Force″, when the President raised that topic. Some so-called experts predicted that after signing an executive order allowing children to remain with their incarcerated adults at immigration detention centers, many supporters would be upset. But the American people are growing wiser to the tricks of the Far Left and their allies in the Fake News Media.




President Trump is riding a wave of victories, earning him a higher approval rating in the polls than even Barack Obama had at this point in their presidencies. The economy is doing great, unemployment is at record lows, North Korea is becoming peaceful, even returning the remains of our soldiers. Nobody is tired of winning yet! Even the Robert Mueller witch hunt is falling apart. We now learned that 5 more FBI agents were exchanging politically biased emails and text messages, including two lawyers who had worked on the Mueller probe. In addition, we learned that Obama′s national security advisor, Susan Rice, ordered a stand down on efforts by our cyber warfare people to spot Russian hacking of our elections. As with the botched Hillary Clinton email probe, all roads lead back to Obama′s White House.


The rally in Duluth was so big, they had to get a bigger building, and even then there were thousands outside who could not get in. The crowd was very enthusiastic, having a great time as they booed CNN and a pair of Liberal hecklers. President Trump gave a classic campaign speech, and the people loved it! Too bad he didn′t hug a flag on stage, too, as that would have really got the folks in Duluth wound up!


So signing the executive order yesterday had no negative impact. Everybody understands that the optics are bad but the law must be enforced. The EO won′t last long, anyway, as the ACLU or somebody else will contest it in the courts. It does go contrary to a 1997 ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Reno v. Flores, requiring that children are not incarcerated with their illegal immigrant parents for more than 20 days. The court ruling demands that the children be separated from the parents, if they have any. About 80% of children apprehended crossing our borders illegally do not have parents with them. Most are brought over by drug dealers and human traffickers using the kids as human shields.


President Trump once more appealed to Congress to fix the immigration problem, incorporating his 4 Pillars of building The Wall, ending the lottery, ending chain migration, and shifting to a merit-based system for visas. The crowd at the Duluth rally cheered and support President Donald Trump on this approach. They also booed CNN and the rest of the Fake News Media for not covering the thousands of stories of illegal immigrants committing crimes here, including rape and murder. Also booing the Democratic Party for putting illegal immigrants before law abiding American citizens.


President Trump is looking forward to campaigning more in Minnesota and winning the state in the 2020 elections. Judging by the size and responses of the huge crowd at the rally in Duluth, he just might take the state, which has gone Democrat for many election cycles.


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