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Trump Winning With Hispanics

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/4/2018


Happy Fourth of July! A new Havard-Harris poll shows that President Donald J. Trump has gained popularity with Hispanic Americans. Just in the past month, his favorable numbers jumped from 37% to 47%! This, during a month long campaign by the Fake News Media and the Democratic Party of attacking our President on his immigration and border security policies. The increase in popularity with Hispanics does not surprise me. They are doing much better now with President Trump in the White House. Unemployment for Hispanics is at an all-time low and they are also now the fastest growing demographic for starting new, small businesses. I suppose we might also believe that they are rational enough to understand that when an American citizen is incarcerated, the law breaker is separated from his or her children.




This REAL NEWS will probably be ignored by the Fake News Media. I doubt if Joe and Mika, Chris Coumo, Joy Reid, or Jake Tapper will acknowledge this reality. These facts also prove that the efforts by the Fake News Media to attack President Trump are failing. Even the Real Clear Politics average of polls shows a 1% gain in the past month for President Donald Trump. The haters and agitators are losing while President Trump and the American People continues to keep winning!


While hard to deny that America is doing much better since President Donald Trump was elected, the Fake News Media tries to be as negative as possible. Their coverage is well over 90% negative. Even so-called ″Conservatives″ and ″Republicans″ whose articles are published by the New York Times and the Washington Post are nearly all negative. But, President Trump keeps winning, achieving victory after victory, spreading happiness and good fortune throughout the country. Perhaps more importantly, President Donald Trump has restored the idea that it is okay to be proud of our nation.


I was watching an old PBS documentary yesterday about Lafayette. The French general who fought with George Washington during the American Revolutionary War and became practically his adopted son. Lafayette adored him, and also adored the whole concept of America and individual liberty. He predicted over 240 years ago that America would one day save all of humanity. There is no doubt that we have done quite a bit to bring peace, prosperity and freedom to much of the world. I suspect that Lafayette would appreciate President Donald Trump, too!


The new Harvard-Harris poll about Hispanic Americans increasing their approval of President Trump by a substantial margin the past month shows that the influence of The Media haters and political agitators are failing miserably. As we celebrate this 4th of July, 2018, we can all feel our love and pride in our wonderful nation. America is back on top, thanks largely to the leadership and personal enthusiasm of President Donald J. Trump. Not only has he made it possible to say ″Merry Christmas″ again, but to also embrace American history, culture and our national pride. Honor has been restored!


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