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Trump NASDAQ Breaks 9,000

The American economy, and workers, keep on winning thanks to President Donald J. Trump. This was yet another week of record highs for the major stock indexes.  The NASDAQ broke the 9,000 mark for the first time in history!  Under Trump, the S&P 500 has increased 50%, whereas other presidents have never done better than 23%.  The unemployment rates are the lowest in 50 to 60 years for nearly every single demographic category.  The handful not doing that well are still better than the past 20 years or more.  According to the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, wage growth for the bottom 25% of income earners increased 4.5%, and among the bottom 10% wages are up over 7%.  Thus destroying the Democrat talking point that the Trump economic boom has only benefitted the ultra rich.  No, the Trump economic boom is helping every American.  

Yet, if you watch the Lame-Street Media, all you hear about is how brilliant Nancy Pelosi is for playing her childish game of holding up the impeachment trial.  She is supposed to be some mastermind, a "master parliamentarian" for basically behaving like Lucy, taking away the football before Charlie Brown tries to kick it.  Pelosi has failed in her mission to be a roadblock to President Trump.  He keeps on winning despite her efforts to slow him down.  Who is the real genius?

At every turn, Trump out flanks his opponents.  Lucky for us that he does, since, unlike the Democrats in Congress, President Trump is actually doing things to benefit average Americans.  Democrats only try to help their big donor billionaires who hang out in wine caves.  Trump has also been out flanking his enemies in the Fake News Media.  Fools like Paul Krugman, the former Enron economist who now writes for the New York Times, has been predicting economic disaster even before Trump was elected.  A few in The Media are starting to face reality, like CNBC host Jim Cramer.  Lately, even he has been forced to admit that Trump is doing a great job in managing our economy with deregulation and tax cuts.

Numbers don't lie, unlike Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.  America is prospering thanks to President Donald J. Trump.  Obama-era 'experts' had predicted that Trump would maybe create 2 Million jobs 3 years into his administration.  Instead, Trump has helped create some 7.5 Million new jobs.  In manufacturing, Trump created some 600,000 new jobs.  In 2016, Obama said manufacturing jobs would never increase unless Trump had some "Magic Wand".  Trump didn't need a magic wand, just common sense, something Obama lacked.  

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