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Rudy Giuliani Podcast, High Noon For Biden

At noon today, Rudy Giuliani will launch a podcast, which, over the course of the next few weeks, will detail the true level of corruption of Joe Biden, his family, Ukraine and other nations.  Appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, Giuliani gave a short version of what we can expect.  Basically, according to Rudy, the whole Democrat impeachment of President Trump is a "projection" of actual corruption begun by Joe Biden amd the Obama administration.  How, in mid January, 2016, Obama's National Security team held a meeting.  Giuliani believes that the alleged whistleblower in the Trump impeachment may have been present.  During this meeting, Obama officials decided to ask the Ukraine government to dig up dirt on then candidate Donald Trump, his son, Don Jr., and on Paul Manafort.  Why ask Ukraine?  Because,according to Giuliani, there is a long connection of corruption between the Ukraine government and the Democrat Party.



When Obama appointed Joe Biden as his 'Point Man' for Ukraine, Biden began a series a actions which enriched his family and further deepened the level of corruption inside Ukraine.  Not only did Biden force out a Ukrainian prosecutor from investigating Hunter Biden and the oil company, Burisma,Biden allegedly also arranged for the founder of Burisma to pay Ukraine's president a nice, fat bribe.  Biden was not alone in the corruption of Ukraine.  Many other Obama era officials also, as they say in "The Godfather", got their beaks wet.  Including stopping our Justice Department from investigating corruption ties to Ukraine and having our State Department to use its power on behalf of corrupt Ukrainians.

Giuliani claims to have video testimony and plenty of documentation, all of which will be shared on his new podcast.  Rudy also throws former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yonanovitch under the bus, as she allegedly gave Ukrainian prosecutors a list of people they should not investigate nor prosecute.  She also denied visas for four Ukraine officials who were to testify in criminal cases here in America concerning corruption.  But the real big news Rudy Giuliani seems to have is his allegations that the Obama administration wanted Ukraine to dig up political dirt on then Candidate Donald Trump, son Don Jr. ad Paul Manafort.  The scheme involved a George Soros organization, AnTAC, a non-profit group allegedly fighting corruption in Ukraine.  But, Rudy claims that this was a smoke screen for what AnTAC's true purpose.

There is no doubt that the Ukraine government had acted on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 elections.  We have plenty of examples of government officials from Ukraine publicly speaking or writing statements against Candiidate Trump.  Ukraine's ambassador to the United States even got an op-ed published in America supporting Hillary Clinton over Trump.  Then we have the release of the so-called 'Black :Ledger', detailing dirt on Paul Manafort by a member of Ukarine's parliament.  Other Ukrainians also made public statements against Trump, even after he won the 2016 election.  is it any wonder that President Trump was a bit leary about giving them any money?  

As the House Democrats fail to impress Republican Senators, and the American public, with their phony impeachment charges against President Trump, Joe Biden may find himself in some pretty hot water.  Rand Paul says that some 45 GOP senators are ready to vote to dismiss the impeachment for its lack of relevance.  Even Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, two Republican senators who have been more open to impeachment, seem tobe switching sides in favor of Trump.  Senate Democrats are also losing patience, and interest, as House Democrats bore everyone.  TV audiences are also bailing out, with Day 3 getting 20% fewer viewers than Day 2, which had a nuch smaller audience in Day 1.

Thanks to censorship by Google, Bing and others, finding the podcast is tough.  But you can watch "Rudy Giuliani Common Sense" on The Patriot Hour podcast system, or through their YouTube site at but the actual program does not start until after about 17 minutes.

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