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White House Tweets, Leaks, and Trump Fu

One of the big topics of the past week or two on the Fake News Media has been President Donald Trump′s tweets on Twitter, as well as interview comments, about Attorney General Jeff Sessions. How he is ″disappointed″ with his recusal on the Russia probe. The hosts, commentators and pundits have all lined up warning that this is a sign that President Trump wants Sessions to resign, or may even fire him. However, when I look at what President Trump is saying, I see yet another classic example of ′Trump Fu′. While he may seem to be attacking Sessions, what is actually going on is President Trump is forcing the Fake News Media to mention issues like Hillary Clinton′s collusion with Ukraine and the rampant leaks against the White House.




Now, I can understand that President Trump may be a tad upset about Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the Russia probe. Back in the business world, had Trump hired a contractor to install windows on a 36-story building, he would be rather unhappy if the contractor later told Trump that he would only be responsible for installing windows on the first 33 floors. In a sense, Sessions was hired to oversee the Justice Department, the WHOLE Justice Department. Not just part of it. So it is quite rational for President Trump to be less than happy about Jeff Sessions allowing a portion of department to run amok, which is basically what Robert Mueller is doing. Instead of just looking at whether or not Russia actually interfered with the 2016 election, he now may be looking into other matters, such as business dealings from years ago.


But the Fake News Media does not see it that way. Even still, when they report about President Trump′s tweets and such, they are gulled into mentioning topics which they rarely, if ever, do. Like Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluding with the government of Ukraine during the 2016 election. We actually have some evidence of that happening, unlike the Russia thing. Once again, President Trump is exercising his classic, Twitter-Tweet form of Trump Fu. A martial art of manipulating the Fake News Media into telling the truth once in a while.


I have to wonder if Anthony Scaramucci is practicing a bit of Trump Fu, himself, with his tweet on Twitter about leaks, making some Fake News Media types to think that Scaramucci is sicking the FBI on Rience Preibus? The result of which is Scaramucci getting a chance to chide CNN for their Fake News, live, on the air, with Chris Coumo. For about 30 minutes, Scaramucci duked it out with Coumo, easily slamming him repeatedly! The Twitter-Tweet form of Trump Fu has worked out well for our Shaolin Master, President Donald Trump. Anthony Scaramucci may be proving himself to be a quick study at this effective martial art style.


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