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Whistleblower Lawyer Called For Coup

Talk about ambulance chasing!  How about a lawyer actively trying to prove a crime long before it allegedly happened?  Such is the case for Mark S. Zaid.  He is the lawyer for the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower.  Back in January, 2017, Zaid tweeted on Twitter that, "#coup has started."  He already was calling for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.  Add to this what we now know about the timeline on how this latest witch hunt began, the picture grows clearer that this is little more than a phony, highly partisan attack against the 2016 election results.  The Democrats have never accepted those results and their allies in The Media and the Deep State will do anything to overturn the election.

There are some news reports, from the Conservative Media, that Zaid and other lawyers were seeking out any dirt on the Trump Administration.  Even if it is baseless and an outright lie.  For example, during the Brett Cavanaugh hearings, Zaid wanted to help derail the Supreme Court nomination.  He wanted to assist in the legal fight of the weaker allegations against Cavanaugh.  There have been rumors of an on-going effort to recruit any government malcontents, even offering cash and paying off home mortgages.  Could this current situation be part of such a 'soft-coup' attempt?

A 'hard coup' is when you get the military involved in regime change.  A 'soft-coup' is when political opponents try to unseat an administration.  There is an abundance of evidence that the Russia-Mueller probe was largely a 'soft-coup' attempt.  It failed because it was too contrived, too full of lies and holes.  So far, this new attempt about Ukraine is even more contrived and convoluted.  The actual transscritp of the phone call between Presidents Trump and Zelenskiy proves that there was no quid-pro-quo to exchange military aid money for Ukraine digging up dirt on Joe Biden.  What we have learned is that one need not dig very deep at all to find dirt on Joe Biden.  There is a very long laundry list of Biden and his family reaping windfalls of cash thanks to political actions by Joe Biden in the course of his duties of office.  He worked hard for the benefit of himself and his family and did little to benefit the American people.  Or the residents of the State of Delaware.

Now it seems that the reason that the so-called whistleblower has not testified so far is because he may know about actual wrong-doing by Joe Biden with Ukraine, and possibly John Brennan during the whole Russia-Gate fiasco, than the much fabricated Trump-Ukraine issue.  He may have been a major conduit in getting Ukraine to generate dirt and criticism against Candidate or President-Elect Trump.  The Ukraine government was a loud critic of President Trump during those early days.  The alleged Whistlerblower may also have played a role in channeling funds and 'in-kind' services to Hillary Clinton's campaign and to the DNC in 2016.  Shenanigans like these by the Ukraine government are why the Elitist, Globalist World Bank declared Ukraine one of the most corrupt nations on the planet!  

This reputation points us to the heart of phone call between Presidents Trump and Zelenskiy.  Trump's call was essentially friendly, congratulating Zelenskiy for winning his office and wishing him well.  Including in coming through on a campaign promise made by Zelenskiy to clean up political corruption. Our President never specifically asked for dirt on Joe Biden during the phone call.  As for the delay in sending the military aid, Trump, by law, is required to withhold aid to countries which are corrupt.  All he was looking for was an assurance by Zelenskiy that things would be improved.  Indeed, as it turns out, the Ukraine government restarted probes into possible corruption during the Obama administration.  In fact, a Ukraine court has already ruled that the government had violated its own laws in interfering in the 2016 U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Obama administration.

I am confident that President Donald Trump will survive this latest nonsense and be reelected in 2020.  There is no 'there-there' in this Ukraine business.  The Resistance wing of the Democrat Party, along with their allies in The Media and Deep State, are flailing about in search of any reason to impeach Trump.  They have been trying for more than 3 years to derail Donald Trump.  They have never accepted the election results.  They have refused to accept the reality that Hillary Clinton lost because of her own short-comings.  I have no doubt that the truth will surface.  Just as I am confident that the mighty Clinton Machne will one day be shown for what it truly is.  A corrupt monster which has feasted on the American people for far too long.  

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