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Vindman Testimony Falls Short

If Adam 'Shifty' Schiff thought that the Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman testimony would provide solid evidence for impeaching President Donald Trump, Schiff was sadly mistaken.  Vindman's testimony fell extremely short of being useful.  Four people testified yesterday, two in the morning, Vindman and Pence aide Jennifer Williams, and two in the afternoon, Special Ukraine Envoy Ambassador Curt Volker and Vindman's NSC supervisor, Tim Morrison.  If you listened to Vindman, he gave the impression that he and he alone was the primary advisor from the National Security Council on Ukraine matters to President Trump.  However, Vindman never once met with President Trump and it would appear that Vindman's memos about Ukraine were largely ignored.  Vindman, an Army officer, was assigned to serve on the NSC because Vindman was born in Ukraine and could speak the language.  One has to wonder whether his personal interests are coloring his duties?

But the gem uncovered during the Vindman testimony is that he may have been the person who leaked information about the July 25th phone call between Presidents Trump and Zelensky to the so-called whistleblower.  Vindman admitted talking with several people about the call, which was considered to be classified material, and named all but one.  Adam Schiff prevented Vindman from naming the mystery person, along with Vindman's attorney, raising the specter of a potential leak.  We later learned during testimony by Vindman's supervisor at the NSC, Tim Morrison, that Vindman had a reputation for exhibiting poor judgment and for leaking information before.  This caused Morrison to exclude Vindman from some meetings and from a trip to Ukraine.  

While Vindman may be a decorated combat veteran, wounded in 2014 in Iraq, his actions while serving in the NSC are very questionable.  His opinion of the phone call, which he did listen to live as it happened, is that Vindman considered President Trump having "demanded" Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and the gas company Burisma,  However, nowhere in actual transcripts of the call was there such language.  When questioned, even Vindman had to admit that there might be the appearance of a conflict of interest with Hunter Biden being paid by Burisma.

Once again, the hearings fell way short of proving any impeachable offenses against President Trump.  They are also failing to attract TV audiences.  The morning session with Vindman was so dull, CBS dropped coverage and went back to soap operas.  Ratings are very bad.  Last week's opening session drew some 6 million fewer viewers than the James Comey hearings.  The averages of all polls on Real Clear Politics show support for impeachment waning.  The Trump 2020 reelection campaign is now airing a new commercial slamming Adam Schiff and House Democrats for staging the sham impeachment hearings.  All of the witnesses questioned so far all admit that the President is responsible for foreign policy, not career bureaucrats or appointees.  None of them can point to any actual crime committed, either.

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