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Tulsi Sues Hillary $50M

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, suing Hillary for $50 Million dollars.  Gabbard claims that Hillary defamed her when Hillary appeared on a podcast on October 17, hinting that Gabbard and Jill Stein were being groomed by the Russian government.  Hillary did not name Gabbard at first, though she did allude to her, while naming Jill Stein explicitly.  Gabbard believes that Hillary Clinton accused her of being a Russian agent and a traitor at worst.  At best, merely a stooge which Russia is using to stir up trouble.  Hillary thinks that Stein, and allegedly Gabbard, are both being groomed tobecome 3rd Party candidates.  Some of this goes back to 2016.  Gabbard was one of the few elected Democrats who endorsed Bernie Sanders over Hillary.  As for Jill Stein, Hillary considers Stein as one of the 50 or so reasons why Trump defeated her.  Stein was the Green Party presidential candidate and in some battleground states, got enough votes which, had they went for Hillary, would have put Hilldog in the White House.


Tulsi Gabbard is anything but a traitor.  She may be a Liberal, but after the 9/11 attacks, Gabbard joined the National Guard and served tours of duty in Iraq.  She is a combat veteran and still a member of the Guard.  What may be even sillier is that Hillary is actually cutting her own argument aboiut how the Russians stole her victory in 2016.  If the ussians actually were operating websites and bots to support Gabbard, they have not had much impact.  Gabbard has never polled higher than 8th place in any national polling, typically staying at or below 5% support.  The lawsuitprobably won't go anywhere, but it does serve as a distraction from the ultra-boring Senate impeachment trial.

Yesterday, during Day Two of the trial, House managers began their 24-hour presentation, with disastorous results!  Ratings were so bad that CBS actually dumped coverage and went back to its soap operas.  Most of the delivery came from Adam Schiff and Jerrod Nadler, two of the least photogenic politicians on Earth.  Not only were both ugly, they were also rude and extremely boring!  They essentially are just repeating themselves endlessly, saying the same things they said on Day One and back during the House hearings.  If they keep this up again today, I predict even lower ratings.

I watched very little of the proceedings yesterday.  Especially after once again, House Democrats charged that President Trump withholding military aid from Ukraine for 57 days caused some 14,000 Ukrainians to die during their conflict with Russia.  This is a complete lie!  United Nations obersevers estimate that some 12,500 to 13,000 Ukrainians have been killed since April 6, 2014.  Most died while Obama was in the White House.  In fact, during the period where Trump held up militray aid, at most only 12 to 25 Ukrainians died in the fighting. Given that Ukraine has a population of about 44.5 Million people, more probably died from the flu or other reasons than the result of delayed military aid.

I doubt if Tulsi Gabbard is going to get any money from Hillary Clinton due to this defamation lawsuit.  Perhaps if Tulsi gets a federal judge that Trump appointed, about a fourth of the various benches, Crooked Hillary may be forced to apologize.  I would love to see the Gabbard lawsuit win, costing the Clintons $50 Million dollars.  But Christmas only comes one a year.  My wish for Santa Claus is a Trump victory in 2020.  Anything else is a bonus.

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