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Tucker Carlson VS James Devine, Mr. Hunt Republicans

Fox News aired another classic episode of ′You Can′t Cuck The Tuck′ last night! Our hero, Tucker Carlson took on Democratic ′Strategist′ James Devine, who infamously tweeted the hash-tag, #HuntRepublicans on Twitter following the attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). Carlson exposed Devine as being a buffoonish Liberal bozo as Devine tried to justify and explain away his tweet. Maybe he should take a lesson from Buddha Trump on Tweet-Style Trump Fu? Tucker had plenty of material since the Fake News Media has gone full tilt on the subject. Joy Reid, host of MSNBC morning show, ″AM Joy″, recently stated on air that Scalise got what he deserved. Scott Pelley echoed this sentiment himself on air, calling the Scalise shooting, ″self inflicted″. A CBS News poll shows 73% of Americans think that the ongoing political rancor is turning violent. Vice News has chronicled a dramatic increase in Left-Wing hate and violence over the past few years.



Some Fake News Media bureaus are even down playing how a hit list of six Republican Congressmen′s names were found on the shooter, James Hodgkinson. The New York Times even published a story that there were only 3 names on the hit list, as if that really mattered. No, the Far-Left got caught on this one! Calls by Hollywood and other celebrities to bomb the White House or decapitate President Donald Trump, plus a New York City stage production depicting his assassination, are fueling the hatred and violence. There is nothing self inflicted about it. President Trump and the Republican Party, along with Conservatives and other patriotic Americans are under attack!


New York Times ′journalist′, Bret Stephens, wrote an Op-Ed entitled, ″Deport Americans, Invite Migrants″. Stephens argues that the country would be better off deporting actual American citizens since they are stupid and lazy. His ′proof′ for this is that they voted for President Trump, plus let us not forget the 1,000-plus other elected offices formerly held by Democrats and now by Republicans since Barack Obama won in 2008. This just goes to show how completely insane the Far-Left Liberals are! Democracy is no longer working as well, especially since some states are now actually making sure that only legal citizens can vote. Back when vote fraud ruled the day, Democrats could get away with anything. That is no longer the case!


I recently caught the History Channel two-hour ′documentary′ on Alexander Hamilton, which featured commentary from idiots like Tom Brokaw and the fool behind the Broadway stage production of ″Hamilton″. What I found extremely amusing was how the documentary portrayed the Whig Party as the Republican Party. They even called Thomas Jefferson as ″Republican″! Now, I′m old enough to remember using those old-fashioned voting machines with the levers. If you wanted to vote straight-ticket for the Democratic Party, you would choose the lever with the pictures of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson next to it. For nearly two centuries of American history, these guys were considered founders of the Democratic Party! Now, they have been magically transformed into Republicans, apparently since today′s Democratic Party has gone so Far-Left.


Perhaps we should take a cue from ″Hamilton″ and bring back dueling? Maybe that would help cull the halls of Congress of nitwits? I′m joking of course! Hard to have a ′Field of Honor′ when there is no honor among Liberal, Democratic morons. The Progressive Movement has become an Extremist Movement, and is now bent on bringing about more violence and hatred. From college campuses where free speech is dead to the Fake News Media making excuses and even promoting eliminating patriotic Americans who love their country. Whether or not the country unravels remains to be seen. So long as Democrats continue to lose more elections, they will become more and more desperate. It is a downward spiral they are choosing to follow. They have abandoned Carroll Quigley and the ′Overton Window′ for bringing about gradual change in our society. Now, they seemed prepared just to smash it all to pieces.


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