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Trump Warns Congress On Healthcare Subsidies

Our hero, President Donald J. Trump, warned Congress this weekend that they had better do something about repealing and replacing Obamacare. Otherwise, he will cut off the healthcare insurance subsidies to members of Congress. LOL! Now that is EXACTLY why we voted for President Trump! Under Obamacare, it is against the law for employers to give their employees subsidies to buy private health insurance. However, Congress gave themselves, and their staff, an exemption from that rule. Another sign of how the Elites are taking care of themselves and their pals in The Swamp, and not The People of America.





So, President Trump let members of Congress know that if they give up and quit trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, he will act against them. RIGHT ON! Why should they get to skirt a law that makes life difficult for us common folk? Because they are so special? Because they are Elites and we are just peasants? President Trump doesn′t think that this is fair or right. Once again proving that he is the true Conservative! Not dummies like John McCain or Mitch McConnell.


The Fake News Media is making much hay over how ′brave′ John McCain was for being the deciding vote to kill the so-called, ′Skinny Repeal′. How Obamacare supporters left thank you signs on the lawn of his home in Arizona. Plus, the pathetic scene of the ′Slow Applause′ for Susan Collins as she walked through an airport in Maine. Well, that is all bullshit! Those senators whom voted against the repeal were cowards. Mind you, the bill was not a very good one. But, our hero, President Donald J. Trump, has a better idea.


Using the Trump Fu power of his Twitter-Tweet style, President Trump is demanding that the Senate suspend its rules for a simple majority vote on a repeal and replace bill which will allow for insurance companies to sell healthcare plans across state lines. This will create a much more ′Free Market′ and lower the cost of insurance premiums. Seems like a ′No-Brainer′ to me! How about you? If you agree, email or call your senator and demand that they obey our hero and get the job done before they run off for vacation.


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