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Trump Tweets On NBC Fake News

The Media is all up in arms again with backlash over the recent Trump tweets on the NBC fake news stories about nuclear weapons. NBC News has been putting out a steady stream of fake news this week. First, claiming that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was considering resigning and called President Trump a ″moron″. After Tillerson set the record straight, denying the report, NBC News next claimed that President Trump told the Pentagon he wanted a ″ten-fold″ increase in nuclear weapons. Secretary of Defense James Mattis refuted that story. Not only would such a build up violate treaties but the cost would be astronomical. Still, NBC News and their lackeys at MSNBC are fueling the flames of discord. So, President Donald Trump suggested in a tweet that perhaps the FCC should pull the licenses on NBC.




Next came a chorus of howls from NBC and other Fake News outlets, including baboons like Shep Smith at Fox News. These idiots have never figured out how and why President Trump uses Twitter. With veins bursting on their foreheads, the dingbat ′journalists′ and pundits attacked President Trump about the tweet. Everything from how the FCC does not license broadcast networks to comparisons with totalitarian dictators. While they demand accountability and honesty from President Trump, who was merely joking, they ignore the fact that the reason behind the joke tweet is the lack of responsibility and honesty in the reporting of news.


Another recent study of news reporting showed that only about 5% of stories by The Media are positive about Trump and his administration. The rest is largely negative with about a third or so neutral. Whether it is the phoney Russian collusion story, hurricane relief efforts or the economy, The Media does not give the President a single break. Even on the NFL dust-up, where President Trump is merely asking players to show some respect for our country and those who protect us, The Media rails against him.


They never questioned the honesty of the White House when Barack Obama was lying nearly everyday. Hardly a word was said about the lies of Obamacare, or how Obama only learned things when he read it in the news or how a video was responsible for the Benghazi terrorist attack. Obama couldn′t even admit that Islamic terrorism existed! He would fan the flames of lies being told by The Media, such as how police brutality was a major issue even though more unarmed Black men are struck by lightning than shot by police.


The American news media has become a genuine, disruptive force, creating much disharmony and mistrust. They are responsible for many of the ills we face as a society today, from race relations to campus unrest in colleges. Generations of citizens have been scarred by The Media because of the way they report and what they report. The lies The Media spread are dividing the nation. This has been going on for decades and has reached a level now that is actually becoming dangerous.


In the last few months, I have been watching less and less news programs. Even on Fox News! Networks like CNN and MSNBC I can barely tolerate for a few minutes at best. I am not alone in this! Just look at TV ratings, overall viewership is down. A few programs are still popular, but most are tanking. Take Megyn Kelly for example. Her new show on NBC has cost the Peacock Network some 32% of their viewers, and is causing the show after hers, with Kathie Lee and Hoda, to lose about 26% of their audience. Some will write this off to technology advances for how people get their news and entertainment. But it was not long ago when ′experts′ were saying how we are in a new ′Golden Age of Television′ thanks to shows like ″Mad Men″, ″Breaking Bad″ and ″Game Of Thrones″.


NBC News has been telling some big lies of late, as have CNN and other news organizations. They have yet to recover from blowing their analysis of the 2016 elections. They are misreading the mood of the American people. The Media has become a source of hate and is shoveling out as fast as they can make up fake news. The discontent they are spreading should be regarded by the government as a harmful action against the nation.


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