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Trump Talks Infrastructure, Educates Media

I have to say the past dozen or so hours have been amusing. Yesterday afternoon, President Donald J. Trump unveiled his latest executive action to streamline infrastructure projects. Showing a flow chart, he demonstrated how projects had to go through a complicated and lengthy process to get approval. Sometimes taking 25, even 50 years! Under his new plan, such projects to build and repair roads, bridges, etc, will be able to petition for permits in 2 years or less. A great day for America! However, the Fake News Media had only one subject they wanted to question him about, his comments about the violence in Charlottesville last Saturday. President Trump was not only undeterred, but aggressively lectured The Media on the subject.




This is one of the reasons why I voted for President Donald Trump and support him still today. He does not knuckle under and cave in to The Media and other detractors. He fights back, well armed with ′The Truth′ on his side. The ′Truth′ about Chalottesville was that there were violent agitators from the many factions which fought in the parks and streets that day. But the Fake News Media only sees one side being a problem. They ignore the hatred, bigotry and violence from groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Yes, there were Neo-Nazis, KKK, and other groups of White Supremacists present engaged in hatred, bigotry and violence. But they were not alone in causing injuries in Chalottesville last Saturday.


Yesterday′s exhibition at the lobby of Trump Tower was another example of the cold, hard fact that the Fake News Media will never give President Trump any credit for doing anything. They are blatantly biased in their propaganda. President Trump is smart enough to know this and brave enough to fight back. What we saw yesterday was the courage of our President as he stood his ground against the nattering idiots of The Media. Needless to say, The Media had kittens as they pooped in their shorts over this. CNN, MSNBC and other Fake News outlets all went bananas, spreading the lie that President Trump was ″unhinged″, ″chaotic″, and ″unpresidential″.


President Trump, to put it plainly, reamed the Fake News Media a new ′bottom orifice′. He did so with ′The Truth′. He addressed the larger issue which faces our nation, which is the War on Culture and History. The President reminded us that many who were gathered in Charlottesville to both support and protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a public park. That some did so peacefully and respectfully. We have seen in recent weeks statues in New Orleans taken down and moved because some find them offensive. We saw on Monday a mob, violently vandalize and tear down a statue representative the average Confederate soldier, most of whom were not slave owners. President Trump challenged the notion that other statues and monuments should be eliminated. He asked who is next after Robert E. Lee? George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?


Indeed, there has been talk for years about tearing down the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC. Al Sharpton just talked about doing that earlier this week when interviewed by Charlie Rose. There are many who want to expunge Andrew Jackson from our history. I mentioned if the Alamo might get torn down because it may be offensive to Mexico. How far does this idea of destroying our history go? Should the Ford Motor Company change their name, too? How about the statue of Albert Pike in Washington DC? How about changing the name of our nation′s capitol? Is it a reminder of slavery bearing George Washington′s name? How about the name of the State of Washington?


When we talk about Nazis, why is it that some seem to think we should follow their lead and destroy books and artifacts from history? Chairman Mao led the Cultural Revolution in China tried to destroy its history. The Taliban and ISIS like to blow up ancient monuments and such. How far will we go in this trend? Will extremists demand tearing down churches and synagogs some time in our future? This is a serious issue facing our country. Under Barack Obama, the forces that would destroy our culture, our history, were given permission to do so. Many leaders of such groups involved in this met regularly at the White House with Obama and his staff. I have no doubt that had Hillary Clinton won last November, this trend would have continued unabated.


Thank God that we have President Donald J. Trump leading our nation instead! Those four magic words, Make America Great Again, imply that we were once a great nation. Under Obama, the attitude from the top was that America was never great, that we were a country with an evil, sorted past which needed to be cast into oblivion. But President Trump believes otherwise. That we were a great nation once and must be again. He wants to restore the best of the American spirit, the American Way. Our love of liberty, our industry, our imagination, our inventiveness, our charity. President Trump wants to restore America as a beacon of hope to the world, and inspire a new generation to carry the torch of freedom! The Elitists of the Fake News Media and other detractors oppose this, which is why they will never support him and they will never us tell the truth.


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