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Trump Slams Comey For Phony Hillary Email Probe

Was the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton′s use of a private email server rigged from the start? New information appears to point towards it being rigged. President Donald Trump slammed James Comey on Twitter yesterday over the new reports. According to sources within the offices of Senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham, it would seem so. Investigators from the Senate Intelligence Committee have been questioning current and former FBI officials. Some say that in mid-May of 2016, FBI Director James Comey was circulating an email with a draft memo exonerating Hillary Clinton from any criminal charges. Some officials told investigators that a draft was being circulated even earlier in April of 2016. Months before some 17 key witnesses and staff members, including Hillary Clinton, herself, were questioned by the FBI.




I have long suspected that the fix was in from the very beginning. The story broke in March of 2016 that Hillary Clinton had been using a private email server for all of her official State Department business. The server had been set up for the family charity organization, commonly known as the Clinton Foundation. That she was violating several federal laws concerning the handling of classified material hundreds, if not thousands of times. Including dozens of emails containing extremely classified, top secret, ′code word only′ documents. Over the next several months, her excuses for doing so changed as they were proven to be false.


Like how she just wanted to simplify her life by only using one device. Turns out she used a bunch, over a dozen various mobile phones and pads. Nearly all of which were not equipped to protect classified material as some were bought at retail stores, some even on eBay! These devices not only were not properly equipped but were not even physically secured as at least one device was lost in a Russian hotel room. When her lawyers turned over the remaining devices to investigators, they were either smashed or had their SIMM cards removed.


Hillary also failed to turn over all of her State Department emails to comply with the National Records rules. She claimed that she did, that the emails which had been deleted before the server hard drives were ′bleached′ then smashed were just about her personal business. Like yoga lessons and Chelsea′s wedding plans. Thanks to the efforts of several watchdog groups filing FIOA requests, we know that this was not the case. Thousands of other State Department emails have turned up from other accounts which either sent or received emails to and from her private server.


The FBI gave many of her closest staff members immunity before interviewing them. When Hillary Clinton was finally questioned on the July 4th weekend, not only was it not under oath but no notes were said to have been taken. As we have seen in many similar investigations, merely lying to an FBI agent is a federal felony offense. So it has been very obvious that the Barack Obama Justice Department and the FBI never had any real intention to truly investigate Hillary Clinton. Neither she, nor any of her staff would be subject to the same laws which have imprisoned many other government employees who had mishandled classified material.


James Comey has his defenders trying to spin this story about his draft memo as just preparing for a possible outcome. However, there so far has been no indication that any draft memos were made for other outcomes, like why Hillary Clinton should be indicted by the Justice Department. We are already seeing Robert Mueller empanel more than one grand jury for his probe into the alleged activities of President Trump′s campaign and such. No grand jury was empaneled for the Hillary Clinton probe.


One might call what James Comey did or failed to do in running a proper investigation as obstruction of justice. A federal felony offense! Here again, we have yet another example of how under the Barack Obama administration that our system of justice was politicized. We saw the same before with the ′gun-walking′ Fast and Furious probe, as well as with the whole Benghazi fiasco. If you were part of Obama′s inner circle, then the laws and rules of the nation did not apply to you. You could get away with murder, treason, etc.


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