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Trump Signs Obamacare Changes

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order literally ending Obamacare. He lifted major restrictions caused by the so-called, Affordable Care Act. The new executive order will allow business and labor organizations to create their own health insurance exchanges. Individuals will also be allowed to acquire short-term insurance policies more suited to their own needs. President Trump also lifted restrictions which prevented insurance companies from offering policies across state lines. Naturally, Democratic Party hacks and Liberal lackey pundits cried foul, saying that President Trump is abusing the power of executive orders. However, we must keep in mind that when Barack Obama used executive orders, they were designed to add restrictions and reduce choices and options for citizens. President Trump is using his power to give citizens more freedoms, choices and options.




The move yesterday now puts additional pressure on Congress to get their acts together. Attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare have failed due to partisan politics and opposing the Trump Agenda. There is no doubt that the executive order will be challenged in the courts. Politicians in the pockets of the larger health insurance companies, who literally have a cartel on the industry, will be threatened. About one-third of all counties across America have only one health insurance provider available to them. Most states have just 6 or fewer providers. The new executive order issued by President Trump will open the door for more competition, leading to more options and lower prices.


One can say that yesterday was the day that Obamacare was ended. The so-called Affordable Care Act was dying as it is as more providers were pulling out of state exchanges. The cost of premiums was making insurance less affordable. Another major feature of yesterday′s executive order was to end payments by the federal government to subsidize costs. Obamacare never included a specific appropriation to add such payments to the federal budget. This was yet another deception created by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party to hide the true cost of the ACA.


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