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Trump Pushes Agenda Amidst Probes, Attacks

One of the main reasons why President Donald Trump got elected is because he is as hard as steel! This just irritates the dummies in the Fake News Media, too. Despite all of their over-hyping of this probe or that tweet, President Trump just keeps pounding away, forging his agenda to Make America Great Again! Last week, the focus was on infrastructure. Rebuilding and improving our highways, sky ways, water ways, and rail ways. This week, jobs are back on center stage. Especially in regards to transforming our educational systems. Today, President Trump and his daughter Ivanka visit a skill training center in Wisconsin. Millions of jobs requiring technical skills are unfilled due to the misguided education system we have inherited.




But the dummies in The Media simply cannot give President Trump a single break. Yesterday, for example, during the first meeting of the entire, full cabinet, some of those attending mentioned how happy they were to be serving under our new President. So, The Media dummies went on the attack, bashing the cabinet members expressing their joy in serving under a leader who actually wants to work towards improving the nation.


Ivanka Kushner appeared on ″Fox & Friends″ Monday morning describing how shocked she was by the extent of the viciousness in Washington. Between those in The Media, Democrats, and other ′Swamp Creatures′, the atmosphere is extraordinarily negative. They all want her father to fail. They even hope to run him out of town before his first term is completed!


The result of this is a total disregard for the American People. Even many who voted for Hillary Clinton want things to get done, even fixed, in Washington. Take Obamacare, for example. Talk about a failure, its is completely collapsing. Premiums are increasing, providers are dropping out, and even some 2 million people who signed up in the last joining period have changed their minds. Instead of some 12 million getting insured through the exchanges, only 10 million are. Whatever happened to providing coverage for 40 million Americans as promised way back in 2009? Anyone who tries to defend this is simply insane.


Even without much help from Congress, President Donald Trump is already chipping away at the worn out federal system which has strangled economic and individual freedoms. While his administration is under continuous attack from The Media, federal career bureaucrats, the Democratic Party, and the ′Cucks′ in the GOP, President Trump keeps punching his way through ′The Swamp′. As we have seen, nearly every ′news′ service has been covering the President far more than any other and almost entirely with a negative slant.


If the Republicans in Congress had just an ounce of guts and an inch of spine, we would already have a replacement for Obamacare, as well as tax reform and improvements in our border security by now. America would be safer, healthier and more productive. Add to that the infrastructure plan laid out by President Donald Trump, and changes needed to improve job training across the board in our education system, the future of the American people and economy would be getting the freedom needed to expand and grow.


I have to agree with those who say that The Media, the Democrats and the rest of the anti-Trump crowd have become more of a threat to our country than terrorists and Russia combined! I suppose that history will judge President Donald Trump as one of our greatest presidents ever, since, despite all of the attacks and obstacles, he is fulfilling his campaign promises to Make America Great Again! The harder the fight, the greater the glory. Talk about ′Shakespeare In The Park′, I would love for President Trump to go ″Henry V″ and give us his St. Crispin′s Day speech. President Trump′s fight against his foes is very much like the Battle of Agincourt. I am confident that he shall prevail just as Henry V did.


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