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Trump On DACA, Gives Congress 6 Months

President Donald Trump has made a decision on DACA, the so-called immigration ′Dream Act′. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement yesterday that the DACA program will be wound down over the next 6 months. Those illegal immigrants whose permits expire before the end of October will still be renewed, but by March, no new permits will be granted. The decision gives Congress 6 months to act on DACA.




The DACA program has been ruled by the federal courts as an unconstitutional over-reach by Barack Obama and his former administration. Congress was never presented with a proposed bill by Obama, nor did he even issue and executive order. Instead, he had the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, just make an arbitrary declaration, allowing them to issue green cards to some 700,000 illegal immigrants.


President Trump campaigned on eliminating DACA. He and his supporters viewed it as a reckless policy adopted in a rather underhanded way by Obama. Some may even call Obama′s actions as cowardly, since he didn′t even want his signature on an executive order. With yesterday′s decision, President trump has placed responsibility for DACA squarely on the Congress, where it belongs. If the program is to continue, then it should be done in a legal, constitutional fashion.


Naturally, the Fake News Media and the Far-Left are upset. Even Barack Obama has spoken out about the decision by President Donald Trump. Of course, Obama failed to take any of the blame for instituting the DACA program in such an underhanded way. What else does one expect from Obama? Hard to say whom is more delusional, Obama or Hillary Clinton? Some pundits believe that President Trump may be willing to continue the DACA program only if Congress passes a bill which also provides for funding of the southern border wall. However, DACA may one issue where the GOP Establishment, along with many Democrats, may come together on. If so, they may have enough votes in the House and Senate to override a veto from the White House.


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