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Trump Cuts Deal With Democrats

President Donald Trump cut a deal with Democrats on raising the Debt Ceiling. The measure was tacked on to the legislation to provide some $15 Billion dollars for disaster relief for Hurricane Harvey victims. FEMA will also spend some of this cash on the ongoing preparations for Hurricane Irma. The bill will raise the Debt Ceiling through till December to keep the country solvent. By doing this, President Trump has cleared the deck, allowing Congress to focus on the Federal Budget, due by October 1st, and on tax cuts with reforms. September is going to be a short month for Congress, with just a few working days available to do something.




With Labor Day falling on the 5th, and Columbus Day coming up, Congress does not have much time to screw around. Given the long list of things that need being done, they might have cut their 6 week summer vacation short. President Trump was rather busy on his ′working vacation′, still holding meetings and staying on top of things. But not our Congress. Aside from junkets, relaxing and maybe hitting a state fair or two, those lazy bums did nothing of value.


Some Republicans in the House, and many in the Senate, were rather upset with being outflanked by President Trump as he cut a deal with Democrats. Who can blame him? The GOP Establishment has not exactly been helping Trump out very much, now have they? In many cases, they have actually been working against him, such as during the Obamacare repeal and replace efforts.


But President Donald Trump was not elected to just sit around and twiddle his thumbs. He is a Man of Action! If he can′t get want he wants one way, he′ll find another. It′s not like he hasn′t warned Republicans about this. The President is a Nationalist-Populist-Conservative. As a Nationalist, he wants what is best for the country. As a Populist, he wants what is best the individual. As a Conservative, President Trump wants what is best for the cause of Freedom, of Liberty. His goal is to succeed in each of these.


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