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Time for Robert Mueller to Resign

When Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to be Special Counsel to investigate possible Russian interference in the 2016 elections, the pick seemed natural. Mueller had a long history of being a prosecutor and served as Director of the FBI. He was considered well respected and of good character. But, that was before the Washington Post began publishing news stories based on leaks about Mueller′s probe shifting gears. Unnamed sources told the Post that Mueller was now investigating whether President Donald Trump had obstructed justice by firing Mueller′s long-time friend and colleague, James Comey. Mueller has recently hired some 12 extra lawyers, many of whom have been campaign contributors to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One was even representing the Clinton charity foundation when it was being investigated.




Rosenstein issued a statement yesterday following another leak published by the Washington Post about Trump′s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, now also is to be investigated by Mueller′s team. The Deputy AG warns the American people in his statement not to believe everything they read stemming from these anonymous sources. He reminds all that the Justice Department has a standard rule against releasing any information concerning an on-going investigation as to not taint it.


If the Washington Post stories are true, then Robert Mueller must resign immediately. If Mueller is to probe into whether or not President Trump has obstructed justice by firing James Comey, a long-time, close friend of Mueller, Justice Department rules specifically state that Mueller must resign. He obviously would have a serious conflict of interest since Comey would be a primary witness for such an investigation. If the Washington Post stories are untrue, just more Fake News as the dozen of other stories they have published about the Russian collusion claims, then Mueller is still in hot water for not running a leak-proof team.


The Post story claims that it has 5 sources for its allegations that President Trump is to be investigated. Given the size of Mueller′s team, this would make narrowing down who would leak such information rather easy. Since the leaking itself is a federal felony, the Justice Department needs to take action immediately to figure out who is doing the leaking. Such a probe into this would probably fall upon Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand to oversee, since Rosenstein would most likely have to recuse himself since he not only appointed Robert Mueller, but also played a role in the firing of James Comey.


Aside from this, Robert Mueller has been on the job as Special Counsel long enough to have reviewed the work of the 11-month-long FBI investigation into the alleged Russian interference of the 2016 elections. If his intention is to probe deeper into the activities of Michael Flynn and other former members of the Trump campaign and transition team, he should have had enough time by now to prepare subpoenas and search warrants for documents and to conduct interviews with the subjects of his probe. If Mueller intentions are to go in a different direction, then he, himself, should say so publicly while he exonerates Flynn and the rest since Mueller apparently would not consider them worthwhile prosecuting.


The whole claim about Russia colluding with the Trump campaign to interfere in the 2016 election appears more likely to be a complete fabrication based on innuendo and a deliberate effort by some former Obama and Clinton staffers to mislead the nation about the 2016 election results. One story emerging from the authors of the book, ″SHATTERED″ claims that the very night of the election, once it became obvious Hillary had lost, Robby Mook and John Podesta began cooking up the Russia story to deflect blames for her loss.


A former State Department official has stated publicly that she knew of a number of people from the Obama administration who were searching and compiling information from the NSA and other intelligence data-bases to support this claim. That it was their intention to leak it through The Media to implicate President Trump and his current and former team members. We are learning about the unmasking of American citizens during foreign intelligence intercepts was conducted by high-ranking officials of the Obama administration.


On top of all of that, we have the recent testimony by James Comey about how former Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have obstructed justice during the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Not to mention the potential collusion between Bill and Hillary Clinton with Russian banks, politicians and businessmen in the Uranium One deal. There is a very definite money trail to follow on that episode!


I am not worried at all about any probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign with Russia. Nor am I concerned about these obstruction of justice issues. Comey′s own testimony and ′memorial memos′ clear President Donald Trump of all of these allegations. Even if Comey′s recollection of the exact words spoken by President Trump during their February 14 private dinner are true, there is no legal basis at all for an obstruction of justice charge. No, there is nothing there for Robert Mueller to waste his time on. Mueller′s close association with Comey demands that Mueller resigns as Special Counsel if there is anything to investigate on Comey′s firing. That his small team is leaking what should be confidential information of an on-going investigation shows that Mueller is not running a tight ship. The people he is hiring also shows a lack of judgment and an excess of bias. If Robert Mueller wants to salvage his reputation, which is tarnishing by the day, he needs to resign now!


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