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The Truth Is Hillary Colluded With Russia

The latest waves of revelations about the meeting between Donald Trump Jr and some Russians has led me to one, simple conclusion. That the Russian government was colluding with Hillary Clinton, her campaign, the DNC and even the Obama administration, all against now-President Donald J. Trump. She, and they, also colluded with the Ukraine government, as we know from the Politico article back on January 11, 2017. But let us set that aside for the moment and focus on all of this lather over the Magnitsky Act. That act of Congress put sanctions on some 42 of Vladimir Putin′s pals from doing business and operating in the United States. I′ll bet a dollar to the hole in your doughnut that some of those 42 oligarchs had dealings with Bill and Hillary Clinton, probably helping them get paid speaking gigs and donations to the Clinton Foundation.




President Donald Trump is absolutely correct in his assessment when interviewed by the Rev. Pat Robertson for CBN this week. That Putin and the Russians wanted Hillary Clinton to be elected, not himself. The Russians had done business with Bill and Hillary before and had an established relationship with them. The money just from the Uranium One deal, which Hillary herself had to approve netted the Clintons millions of dollars. Bill got a direct payment of $1 Million dollars for two speeches in Moscow at double his usual rate. The Clinton Global Initiative got $105 Million in donations and pledges for donations.


As we know from the John Podesta WikiLeaks emails, the Clinton Foundation is essentially a slush fund for the Clinton family to live high on the hog! Chelsea tapped its funds to pay for her wedding, a new apartment and furnishings. Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and all of their close friends were getting salaries, private jet rides and other goodies all paid for by the so-called charity. Funny how Hillary talks about how her family was broke when they left the White House and are now worth somewhere around $200 Million or so. A lot of bucks were flowing through the foundation′s coffers into people′s pockets. Not just from the Russians, but from a whole host of American and international players.


We know from the record that Hillary Clinton opposed the Magnitsky Act, most likely because it would interfere with her, and her family′s, payday. We learned from news reports that Boris and Natasha, my nickname for the Russians who met with Don Jr., were busy lobbying Capitol Hill about the Magnitsky Act, even before the meeting with Junior. All of this is shaping up to boomerang on Bill and Hillary Clinton, and probably some from the Obama administration, too. Maybe even Barack Obama, himself?


The fact that this Russian lawyer had ties with the British company, Fusion GPS is a big clue, too! Former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele, worked for Fusion GPS and was behind the alleged ′Trump-Golden-Shower′ dossier. Steele claims the dossier came from Russian intelligence. Actually, it came from the Alt-Right website, 4chan, but the Russians may have got wind of it and found it amusing enough to pass along to Steele. Enter the ′Old Faker′, Sen. John McCain, who hates Trump enough to send one of his staffers to Britain to fetch a hard copy of the dossier from Fusion. McCain then passes it along to James Comey, as well as the CIA, NSA, etc.


Comey and the rest of American ′intelligence′ gets fooled by this dossier enough to launch their investigation on Trump and his organization in regards to Russia. Even though there is absolutely not one shred of any evidence of any collusion, nor anything worthy of being used for blackmail, the probes and innuendos continue on with leaks filling the Fake News Media for over a year now. All because of McCain and Comey believing this stupid, silly dossier!


Thanks to some accidental journalism by Politico, we know that Hillary Clinton, her campaign and the DNC were colluding with the government of Ukraine to take down candidate Donald Trump. They even kept at it trying to derail President-Elect Donald Trump from being confirmed by the Electoral College! The timing, and theme of the Politico article from January 11, 2017, deals with how Ukraine was then scrambling to cover their butts with the incoming Trump administration. As it was then obvious that their efforts to prevent Trump from taking office, the Ukrainians were in full damage control mode.


As the Trump-Russia collusion story began getting leaked, first on how Russia tried to meddle with the 2016 election, the powers that be spun the Fake News story that the Russians were trying to help Trump beat Hillary. I believe that the exact opposite is true, the Russians were meddling to help Hillary, not Trump. Otherwise the DNC would have allowed the FBI cyber experts inspect their servers to prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the Russians had hacked them, not some other party. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has consistently denied that he ever got anything from the Russian government. The only ′evidence′ offered by the DNC is a report from a company, Crowdstrike, which, as we know, has direct ties to the Ukraine government. Not to mention that some of the company executives were donating money to the Clinton Foundation.


This is why I am becoming more convinced that this business about the Magnitsky Act is pointing more so to Bill and Hillary Clinton than to President Donald Trump. My theory is that there was an attempt to set up Donald Trump Jr., but it failed. That he didn′t recall some details in his initial explanations is easily explained away as nothing came of it and there was a great deal of other issues happening at that time back in June of 2016. It doesn′t matter if there were four people, five, eight or even more at the 20-minute meeting! Don Jr had no interest in the Magnitsky Act so it faded from his focus.


On the other hand, given all of the other connections between Bill and Hillary Clinton with Russia, and the fact that Hillary herself opposed the Magnitsky Act, it seems to me that the Russian government wanted to collude with her far more so than with Donald Trump, Sr. The Clintons had everything to gain from winning the White House and working to repeal the Magnitsky Act. I can see them now doing their old, ″We gotta do it for the children″ routine. I am willing to bet Yankee dollars that this story is going to blow up right in the Clinton faces!


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