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Thank You President Trump For Supporting Our Military

President Donald Trump signed the Omnibus spending bill. Some wished that he had vetoed it. It was a bad bill. Stuffed with pork and waste. But President Trump made the hard decision, the right decision. As bad as the bill was, it provides for the rebuilding of our military. During the 8 years of Barack Obama, and well before that, our armed forces had been depleted. Yet, our troops have been asked to do more and more. Half of our aircraft cannot fly due to a lack of spare parts. Only a third are combat ready.




Just look at what we have been seeing lately. More of our military personnel have been dying in accidents than in combat. Planes crashing, ships colliding, its a mess! Not only are the machinery of our military being neglected, our personnel are also not getting the training they should. The Omnibus spending bill will begin to change that.


On Friday, I heard all sorts of ′seminar callers′ complain on talk radio shows about President Trump not vetoing the bill. Instead of blaming him for doing the only rational thing, they should be blaming themselves. A whole lot of Americans have been making bad decisions over the decades in whom they voted into office. From the dummies in Congress to imbeciles like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Toss the Bush Boys in there, too!


President Donald Trump is doing what he can to turn things around. On his own, with practically no help from inside The Beltway, he has accomplished quite a bit. However, we have a century of bullshit to deal with. Especially the last 50-60 years! Steve Bannon is correct that we need a long-term strategy, a 50-year plan for a campaign to restore America. From Harvard to Hollywood to Washington, DC, the only way we are going to stop the trend towards Socialism is for a top-to-bottom overhaul of our culture, our politics and our institutions.


The criticism I heard on Friday disgusted me! They fit the mold of the ′Sunshine Patriots′ as Thomas Paine would call them. The reality is that we are in a big swamp and we need a big fix. As James Dunnigan would say, ″all war is about attrition.″ The fight for our national survival is a broad and deep one. It is not going to happen overnight. Inch by inch, yard by yard, we must battle for each victory we can.


Instead of blaming President Trump for signing the Omnibus spending bill, blame yourselves for electing schmucks to Washington over the last couple of decades. Blame yourselves for sending your children to schools run by Far-Left loons. Blame yourselves for watching the crud Hollywood produces or the music which has turned our culture into a cesspool. Blame yourselves for giving Google and Facebook so much power. We ′Winter Patriots′ will keep fighting, even if all we get is a handful of corn to sustain ourselves. For the rest of you, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee! Will you stand by while your nation descends into the pit? Or will you stand firm and dig in for the long storm ahead? For you ′Real Patriots′ out there, a quote from Winston Churchill, ″Keep buggering on!″


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