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Symphony Music Equals White Supremacy

The lunacy of the Far-Left has reached new heights of insanity! Take for example ′journalist′ Jonathan Capehart complaining about how President Donald Trump promoted White Supremacy during his speech in Warsaw, Poland. Capehart apparently believes that President Trump praising Western Civilization, including symphony music, is racist. Along with having children, law and order, defending borders, raising families and believing in God. Yes, these are all bad, terrible things according to Jonathan Capehart and his Liberal Loon friends. They must think that angry rap music, lawlessness, abortion, and no morality whatsoever are best for civilization.




President Trump warned the world during his Warsaw speech that civilization is not only threatened from outside forces, like radical, Islamic terrorism, but also from within. Jonathan Capehart proves this point. The Media, along with practically ever single institution from entertainment to education, even churches and government itself, has tossed away morality and rational thinking in favor of anarchy and stupidity. Our culture has been decimated over the decades with this trash.


Two examples come to mind quickly being one who watches old movies on TCM, Turner Classic Movies. I have to wonder how long it will be before Ted Turner figures out that showing such old movies is counter-productive to his far-Left agenda? In the 1946 Oscar winning film, ″Best Years of Our Lives″, recall the scene when Fredric March returns home to his family after serving in the Pacific with the Marines. His son, now a teenager attending college, informs his father about bad we were as a nation for dropping atomic bombs on Japan. His professor told him so! Daddy seems rather bewildered by this, probably wondering why he is paying good money to this college for teaching his son such crap? But, he does it anyway because that is what society expects of him.


For my second example, I happened to catch one of my favorite, short-subject films on TCM last Sunday morning, ″Perversion For Profit″. This gem is a half-hour long review about how the pornographic film and publishing industries are destroying American culture. Produced back in 1965, this film is extremely prophetic! Pretty much everything warned about back then has come to pass. We are even at a point in our culture now where pedophilia and bestiality are openly being discussed to be legalized. Beyond that, we are in the early stages of robot sex. There are already cases in the courts dealing with people buying realistic dolls made to look like young children as sex toys.


But that doesn′t bother Jonathan Capehart! No, instead he wants to attack President Donald for being a White Supremacist because Trump thinks that symphony music is good for civilization. Capehart is no better than the crazy Muslim woman Tucker Carlson had words with on Monday night about a new organization in Chicago called Haymaker. They are a bunch of Anti-Fascist thugs, who are the real Fascists, training for open warfare on our streets. Tucker asked this dumb-skull why, if she opposes Fascism, does she also oppose the Second Amendment? Why does she want only police and government forces to have guns and not the Common Citizen? Naturally, she had no answer, since there is none. Tucker even pressed her for why she is not bothered by the 2,000 people a year being shot in Chicago by drug gangs?


This is the sort of thinking more and more people are being trained to do from our education system. A recent survey of employers show how unhappy they are with the quality of thinking they are finding in new, college graduates. These idiots cannot think for themselves and what they have been taught is all wrong! With this handicap impacting our society, the future of Western Civilization is in doubt. Nope, having children, raising families, protecting our nation and having a moral foundation are all evil in the minds of a growing number of people. Just draining The Swamp in Washington may be a good start, but there are plenty of other swamps out there which also need draining, too!


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