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Stephen Miller Shames CNN Jim Acosta

One thing you have to say about the Trump White House is that when one hero falls and drops the flag, another steps up and carries it further. Such is the case for Stephen Miller who yesterday shamed Jim Acosta of CNN in the White House Briefing Room. President Donald J. Trump announced earlier on Wednesday a new, merit-based immigration policy, similar to that of the one in Canada. Acosta challenged Miller on the matter of green cards being easier to obtain by those immigrants whom already speak English. The CNN correspondent was implying that the new policy was racist, favoring immigrants from England and Australia.




Stephen Miller shamed Acosta, calling his views as having a ″cosmopolitan bias″. As if Acosta′s knowledge of the world is that English is only spoken in England and Australia and no place else. Acosta tried to squirm his way out of the shaming, but to no avail. His elitist viewpoint and ignorance were far too overwhelming. How CNN can pay this dummy to be on TV is beyond all reason!


Jim Acosta is stupid! Plain and simple stupid. A marvelous product of our failed education system, which struggles to teach students proficiency in one language, let alone two or three. Unlike China, Japan, Singapore, and India, where most ′educated′ people speak two or more languages with one usually being English. Even Rwanda recently switched from teaching French in their school system to English, given it being a necessity for anything to do with computers. Acosta apparently was asleep the past 8 years with a rather public example that they also speak English in Kenya! Hah-Hah-Hah!


No, Stephen Miller proved that Liberals like Jim Acosta are fools, who will lie and distort any truth to advance their misguided agenda. During the last couple of years of the Barack Obama administration, the immigration policy was to open the borders to anyone, even those who were illiterate in their own native tongue. If you get some punk kid from El Salvador who cannot read or write in Spanish, how are they to earn a living in America other than selling drugs or exacting extortion? States like California are broke because of the money they spend to house, feed and teach both legal and illegal immigrants. President Donald Trump wants immigrants who will add to our nation, not drain it dry.


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