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Stacey Abrams, Sore Loser

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/17/2018


How do I spell sore loser? Stacey Abrams! On Friday, Abrams gave a hate filled non-concession, concession speech. She is suspending her campaign, admitting that there is no path to victory. Abrams claims that democracy failed in Georgia. What actually failed was her attempt to steal the election from the true winner, Brian Kemp. The scheme was to not only find extra votes for her, but to take away votes from Kemp, causing him to fall below the 50% threshold and force another election. While Abrams accepts that the election will be certified on Tuesday, making Kemp Georgia′s governor, she still plans on filing a lawsuit in federal court claiming that there was voter suppression by Kemp, who was the state′s Secretary of State. That he had removed some one million people from voter rolls.




Meanwhile, in Florida, the hand counting of provisional ballots is underway. These are ballots which have issues, such as no matching signature for mail-in ballots, or where there were over-votes and under-votes. An over-vote is when too many candidate boxes or ovals have been marked for each office. In this case, specifically the U.S. Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson. An under-vote is where no vote was cast at all for that office. Some write-in ballots are also being looked at as to determine ′voter intent′. Democrat lawyers will try to convince the Board of Canvasers that votes like one write-in for Willie Nelson might actually mean the voter wanted Bill Nelson. I kind of doubt that!


In the Florida governor race, DeSantis will be certified as the winner. After the state-wide machine recount, Andrew Gillum only got one additional vote. In the U.S. Senate race, Scott was credited with over 350 additional votes. Broward County′s machine recount was a waste of time as they delivered their results two minutes past the court-ordered deadline. The Scott campaign believes this was done on purpose to cast doubt on the outcome. Most of the provisional ballots are of the under-vote variety, so the odds are that incumbent Bill Nelson will still lose.


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