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Sham Impeachment Hearings, Round 2

Round 2 of the sham impeachment hearings begin today.  The scene shifts to the House Judiciary Committee under Rep. Jerry Nadler.  At 10am Eastern, the circus begins with testimony from 4 legal experts.  All 4 are Democrats.  Three of them have already publicly stated that they believe President Trump has committed impeachable offenses.  The only expert allowed to be selected by Republicands, Jonathan Turley, has stated otherwise.  Yesterday, the lying maniac, Adam Schiff, released his majority report from the hearings held by the so-called House Intelligence Committee.  Later, in a closed door session, they voted along party lines to forward the impeachment process to Nadler's hands.  Meanwhile, it is becoming clearer that plans to have a final House vote before the Christmas holiday break are fading fast.  This practically guarantees that the Senate will take up the matter just as the presidential primary season begins.  Half of the top 4 Democrats running are senators, putting Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in a position where they may miss campaigning at a crucial phase.

During his presser Monday, Adam Schiff lied once again claiming that he still has not decided how he will vote on impeachment.  Yeah, RIGHT!  Is it any wonder why President Trump calls Schiff deranged?  This bug-eyed clown simply cannot tell the truth.  All throughout the Russia probe, Schiff repeatedly claimed to knowing of absolute proof that Trump colluded with the Russian government in 2016.  After some $30 million dollars and 2 years of investigations, there was no proof.  Even Robert Mueller had to admit that.  But not Adam 'Shifty' Schiff.

Between the failure by Mueller to prove any wrongdoing by President Trump, and Schiff's failure to produce a single eyewitness to any actions involving Ukraine, a growing number of House Democrats are getting cold feet.  About 31 are up for reelection in districts Trump carried in 2016.  The 'word' is that about 15 are starting to waiver from voting for impeachment.  Two voted against it in the last House vote, launching these sham hearings.  As public opinion continues to decline on impeachment, especially in presidential battleground states, Nancy Pelosi is coming under more pressure to drop the whole thing.  Some Democrats are trying to float the idea of only voting to censure Trump instead of impeachment.

Naturally, the Fake News Media is continuing its drumbeat for impeachment, often saying that Trump is worse than Richard Nixon and Watergate.  Which is about what the three legal experts appearing before Nadler's committee will say today.  The buzz word for how they feel is 'extenstial'.  That Trump is an extenstial threat to the Constitution and American national security.  The reality is that it is Schiff and the Democrats threatenting the Constitution and our security.  While impeachment consumes valuable work time by Congress, we have no federal budget, no funds for our military to buy anything new.  We also have no new trade deal with Canada and Mexico, nor any legislation to help seniors buying medicine.  None of the issues Democrats ran on in 2018, like fixing immigration or infrastructure projects, have been accomplished.

The more Democrats push impeachment, the further out on a limb they are placing themselves.  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) summed it up nicely yesterday when he said that the Democrats have issued more subpoenas than passing legislation.  The drive for impeachment is sucking all of the air out of Congress.  For all of the bluster about how dangerous Trump is, causing a national crisis, the Democrats have not delayed vacations or put off weekend trips home.  Another example of how phony this whole thing is.  

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