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Senate Question Hokum

The Senate impeachment trial continued yesterday as the circus moved into the questioning phase.  Senators have 16 hours to submit written questions to either the House managers or Trump defense legal team.  The questions are passed to Chief Justice John Roberts, who reads them and then the group, or groups, are allowed 5 minutes to answer.  In cases where the questions are posed to both sides, each group gets two and a half minutes to give their responses.  Questions are given by alternating parties in the Senate, starting with Republicans, then followed by one from Democrat senators.  It became quite obvious that the first few dozen questions were planned, allowing for canned responses by the teams.  But there were some surprises, namely one when Senator Rand Paul attempted to expose the name of the so-called whistleblower.


When the question arrived for Chief Justice Roberts to read, a small commotion developed.  A 'side-bar' took place among leaders of the Senate, House managers and Trump legal team.  It was decided not to reveal the name of the so-called whistleblower, though Roberts eluded to him and did mention two other names associated with him.  Rumor has it that Rand Paul may try again today, perhaps even saying the name when he submits the question to the 'bench'.  If Senator Paul does this, being as he'll do it from the floor of the Senate, he will be free from any potential legal prosecution.

Meanwhile, video from an interview former National Security Advisor John Bolton emerged from August 28, 2019.  He was appearing on Radio Free Europe TV and described the two phone calls between Presidents Trump and Zelenskiy as, "warm and cordial".  This in stark contrast to the alleged report from the New York Times article about leaked passages from Bolton's upcoming book.  The Times article provided no sources nor any direct quotes from the supposed leaked manuscript draft.  We also learned yesterday that Bolton's publisher submitted the draft manuscript to the NSA office at the White House late last month.  On January 28, 2020, the NSA sent a boiler-plate letter to the publisher informing them that there were classified material in the manuscript, some of a Top Secret nature.  The manuscript would have to undergo an extensive review by various government agencies which could delay publication until the classified material was removed.

In short, these two developments show that John Bolton may not make a suitable witness for the impeachment trial.  Either Bolton was honest during his interview last year and thought the phone call was, "warm and cordial", or he may have been lying if rumors about him calling the Ukraine fund delay a, "drug deal" are true.  If he was making liberal use of Top Secret and classified material in his manuscript, which appears to be the case, one has to question Bolton's motives and professionalism.  So, we see that Bolton's importance as a witness in the impeachment trial is diminished.  Enough so that there no appears to be sufficient Republican votes to block additional witnesses and documents.  There are signs of defections among Senate Democrats, too.  Three such senators are now said to be leaning towards acquitting President Donald Trump.  With any luck, this sham trial will end on Friday and the Senate can return to doing the nation's business next week.

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