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Senate Launches Loretta Lynch Probe

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee is launching an investigation on Loretta Lynch and how she ran the Justice Department while serving Barack Obama. Much of the focus will be on her managing the Hillary Clinton email scandal. We learned from former FBI Director James Comey that Loretta Lynch had ordered him to mislead committees on Capitol Hill about the criminal investigation on Hillary Clinton, demanding that Comey refer to the probe as a ″matter″. In addition to this, and the mysterious tarmac meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton days before Comey dropped the probe, an innocuous document has surfaced alleging that Lynch told the Clinton campaign that the criminal investigation would not go too far.




The document was referred to during Comey′s testimony but would not discuss it accept in a closed, classified hearing. He had mentioned it when asked about his reasons for making his public address back on July 5th, 2016, ending the Clinton email probe. The document allegedly came from a Russian intercept which mentions an email from former DNC Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) to Leonard Bernado, a flunky for George Soros. Schultz allegedly tells Bernado that Loretta Lynch had told Clinton campaign executive, Amanda Renteria, that Lynch would limit the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal.


Ah-ha! Evidence of obstruction of justice? Of political interference? This tidbit, if true, certainly has more bearing and is more solid than anything the various seven investigations on President Trump′s organization do. Naturally, the Fake News Media experts say that the document is fake, put out by the Russians deliberately to be intercepted and used to discredit Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton. But the document does exist. There is no denying that. Several news agencies have confirmed its existence, much to their regret.


So the United States Senate Judiciary Committee is ramping up to investigate Loretta Lynch. The last time she faced Congressional hearings about the Hillary Clinton email scandal, Lynch ducked answering nearly every question. I suspect that she will do so again this time around, taking the 5th as often as possible. I have to wonder how many of her documents as Attorney General have been transferred from the National Archives to the Barack Obama Library to avoid FIOA requests? But Lynch could find herself in some hot water, and whatever is learned could put Bill and Hillary Clinton back under a criminal investigation, too!


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