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Russia Probe Goes Criminal

Big news in the DOJ review of how the whole Russia probe started. Federal prosecutor John Durham is turning the review into a genuine criminal investigation.  Rumors abound that former CIA boss John Brennan and former DNI director James Clapper may be among those being investigated.  Both played pivotal roles in the origins of the phony Trump-Russia collusion allegations.  We also have word from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz that his review of potential abuse of the FISA courts may be concluded soon.

This is part of the reason why House Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald Trump with the latest phony Ukraine probe.  Despite actual transcripts of the telephone conversation between President Trump with the president of the Ukraine being made public proving that there was no direct threat of quid pro quo, House Democrats and their allies in The Media continue to push their false narratives. Another major reason for this scam is to cover up potential wrong doing by Hillary Clinton, as well as by other members of the Barack Obama administration.

Of course, there is one more reason for the Ukraine witch hunt.  The realization by top Democrats that their field of 2020 presidential candidates are all a bunch of losers!  None of them have a chance of competing against President Donald Trump.  Democrats are very worried that the truth about how the Obama White House used various federal agencies and powers against the 2016 Trump campaign will be revealed.  That many high ranking members of the Obama administration may face criminal charges for their actions against Candidate, and later, President Trump.

Some of the potential wrong doing by Obama officials include efforts by the Intelligence Community to infiltrate the 2016 Trump campaign and to entrap its workers.  Then, the Obama Justice Department using the fruits of those efforts to obtain FISA warrants, lying to FISA judges about the authenticity of the so-called evidence.  We now know that perhaps the most important piece of that evidence, the document generated by Fusion GPS via former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele, was not only completely fake, but paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.  Many Obama administration officials lied, and did so potentially violating federal laws.  This is why today's news is so important.  Somebody who helped caused years of deception and national division my be finally held accountable!

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