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Robert Mueller to Probe Trump Use of Rolling Stone Music

Obviously I am just joking here, though Robert Mueller would probably have more luck with a grand jury probe on Team Trump′s use of Rolling Stone music than on Russian collusion. The Rolling Stones actually have been upset with Donald Trump for using their music at his rallies since the campaign began in 2015. Even last night at his rally in West Virginia, the event closed with the Trump standard, ″You Can′t Always Get What You Want″. In the early days of the 2016 campaign, Team Trump would often open rallies with ″Sympathy For The Devil″. After a while, they dropped that, probably to curry favor with Evangelicals.




So the ′BIG NEWS′ yesterday was a story published by the Wall Street Journal that Robert Mueller has formed a Grand Jury panel to probe something concerning Trump, his family, administration or business organization. What exactly they are fishing for we will not know until subpoenas are issued. Reuters is ′reporting′ that the Mueller probe is looking into Don Jr.′s meeting with Russian lawyers last summer. Since there apparently is already a grand jury looking into Michael Flynn, which was empaneled about a year or so ago, it is safe to assume that it might not be looking at Flynn. Some ′experts′ think that the new grand jury will look further into the obstruction of justice matters concerning the firing of James Comey. I wonder if it has more to do with Paul Manafort over some alleged lobbying for the government of Ukraine?


Whatever the case, as Robert Mueller seems to be expanding his probe, hiring a 16th attorney, new questions are being asked if Mueller, himself, may be violating federal laws? His long-time relationship with James Comey may be breaking two federal statutes specifically requiring that a special prosecutor have NO relations with any possible subjects or witnesses in an investigation. We also know that President Donald Trump, and possibly other members of his team like Jeff Sessions, had discussed Comey′s replacement at the FBI with Mueller. Some reports say that Mueller was even offered the job! Either way there are serious conflicts of interest in play here, which easily could get any legal issues tossed out by the courts.


One thing worth noting is that the grand jury itself is a rather dubious entity. Other than Liberia and us, no other country on the planet uses a grand jury in their legal system. It is a rather one-sided affair with witnesses or those under investigation not being allowed legal representation during questioning. There is no cross examination. The running joke is that a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich for committing a crime. So, frankly, I am not going to get too excited about this latest ′BIG NEWS′ which the Fake News Media is hyping up. At least not until we know more about what exactly they are looking into.


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Andrew, I know why President Trump chose certain songs for his appearances. When you play You Can't Always Get What You Want backwards, you ALWAYS get what you wanted. It's Trump Fu mastery in reverse! Always, last, and first...


The shadow government wants Trump out. Trump represents the peasants and the ruling class will have not have it. As long as Trump was a tax paying rich peasant who supports the ruling class that was ok, but be president and stop the ruling class from thief Oh no!



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