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Putting A Cork In Bob Corker

Senator Bob Corker has decided not to run for reelection. Good! I′m happy! One less bozo to muck up the works. Corker recently attacked President Donald Trump, claiming that Trump′s rhetoric could start World War 3. Really, Bob? Is that what you truly think? Last time I heard, President Donald J. Trump was not shooting missiles over Japan. Nor was he practicing attacking U.S. aircraft carriers in the Straits of Hormuz. No, President Donald J. Trump has been consistently working and talking about how to Make America Great Again. He is a man of peace, but is rational enough to understand that sometimes, when pushed, you have to fight back. Not roll over and hand billions of dollars to international bullies and warmongers.




Those who support ′The Establishment′, such as TV pundits, say that Bob Corker is a ′Budget Hawk′. So why is our country $20 TRILLION dollars in debt? Why are we constantly raising the Debt Ceiling to add more debt? They also say that Bob Corker is a foreign policy expert, who even longs to be Secretary of State. Once again, we have to ask why is the world such a mess with Corker in the Senate? Where is the strong leadership making the world a better place for all?


Bob Corker is just another political hack! I doubt if he has ever had a single original thought in his life. Maybe he has helped get a new post office or two built in his home state. But beyond trivial matters like that, Corker has done little, if anything, to help the nation or the American people. So who needs him? Certainly not us!


I have no doubt that Steve Bannon will find a better candidate for the U.S. Senate than Bob Corker. That is the real reason why Corker is not bothering to run again. He′s just a lazy coward. Sure, he could be a good sheep and vote with the rest of the herd. Get his ticket punched for the next job The Establishment will line up for him. But the political landscape is changing, Bob. It has been since 2010, since you obviously have not noticed. Having big donors pumping tons of cash into your campaign isn′t working very well any longer. The voters want somebody who will actually do something to help Make America Great Again. In other words, Bob Corker, the voters do not want YOU!


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