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Public Impeachment Hearings Begin Today

In a not so distant swamp land, called Washington DC, there was a guy named Trump, not too different from you or me.  He worked as our nation's president, the latest White House resident.  He did a good job making America great, which made Democrats and Media full of hate.  They made up crazy fake news, all full of lies.  They repeat them 24/7 to confuse our minds.  Now keep in mind Trump can't control when the witch hunt begins or ends.  So he needs some special help from his right-wing friends.  Trump friend roll-call, Ingraham (Hi Guys!), Hannity (I'm cool), Ru-uh-uh-uh-ush!  Don't worry about who Trump calls or tweets, or other silly facts.  Just repeat to yourself its the economy, sosit back and relax, for Trump reelection 2020!

The above may be sung to the tune from the theme song for "Mystery Science Theater 3000", created by Joel Hodgson.  I love MST3K,especially since I can watch it 24/7on its own channel on Pluto TV.  I'll probably be watching it today rather than waste my time watching the stupid, public impeachment hearings which begin today. There is little doubt that it will be a boring mess of a circus.  For starters, hearing chairman Adam Schiff has already demonstrated that he is a liar after his last fiasco of making up a totally false version of the July phone call between Presidents Trump and Zelensky.  Schiff's version was proved false when President Trump released the official transcript summary to the public.  Even Schiff's Trump-hating witnesses had to admit that the official summary transcript was accurate.

The two witnesses scheduled for today, as well as the one slated for Friday, have nothing substantial to offer in the way of evidence of any high crimes or misdemeanors committed by President Trump.  Transcripts of their testimony were made public last week and nowhere was there any hard facts.  At most, the transcripts only show that the testimony was largely based on 2nd, if not 3rd or 4th hand information.  Beyond that, they were only opinions of what was said, which is totally meaningless.  

Requests from Republicans for witnesses to be questioned have been edited by Schiff, rejecting people like Hunter Biden and the original, so-called whistleblower.  Hunter is crucial to the whole story.  His interactions with Ukrainian businesses and government is important as it would show any legal justification had there actually been any 'quid-pro-quo', which there wasn't any.  Of course, questioning the whistleblower would determine if his, or her, accusations had any validity, or if this was part of some crazy, soft coup attempt by Schiff and the Democrats.  Other witness, like Nellie Orr, are important as she would shed light on the effort made by Ukraine to interfere in our 2016 election.  Yet another reason why President Trump would be more than justified to delay any financial aid to Ukraine, which they did get without exchanging any so-called dirt on Joe Biden.

The bottom line is that there never was any quid-pro-quo, nor any threats nor hostile actions by President Trump against Ukraine.  If there had been, some hard evidence would have emerged by now.  Just as in the case of the Russian collusion allegations against Trump, there was no wrong doing, nothing illegal.  Even the alleged crimes against Trump acquaintances were fabricated, some of which coming from Ukraine as it turns out.  The real collusion to interfere with the 2016 elections involved Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Deep State holdovers from the Barack Obama administration.  Bribes and quid-pro-quo threats against Ukraine stem from Joe Biden trying to cover up his use of financial aid to benefit his son, Hunter Biden.

For some 3 years, the Democrats, The Media and the Deep State have been trying to undo the 2016 election of President Donald J. Trump.  Their attempts in this soft coup have failed.  The outcome of this Ukraine probe will end just as the Mueller probe did.  While House Democrats might still try to officially impeach President, there is no way that the Senate would actually force Trump out of office.  The good news is that the Democrats, The Media and the Deep State are only making fools of themselves.  

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