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President Trump Boy Scouts Speech, Love Fest

President Donald J. Trump spoke at the 2017 Boy Scouts Jamboree in Glen Jean, WV yesterday. Some 40,000 Boy Scouts from across America, as well as many from overseas, cheered President Trump, chanting ″We Love Trump!″ at one point. The President spoke about patriotism, of volunteer service to the community and the nation, and about the values and traditions which have made the Boy Scouts an organization for building character and leadership for over a century.




However, the Fake News Media, such as the Washington Post, decided to pan the speech, criticizing President Trump for ″breaking 80 years of tradition″. For going ″political″ in his speech. Some news outlets even claim that parents attending were ″outraged″. Trump poked fun at the Fake News Media, at Hillary Clinton, Republicans and Democrats afraid to act on Obamacare, and even Barack Obama, who never attended either of the two Boy Scout Jamborees during his terms in office. He also declared that the Washington ′Swamp′ was more like a ″cesspool″, even a ″sewer″.


I watched the speech and it was clear to me that President Trump was focusing much more on the Boy Scouts and their traditions of service and learning to become good citizens. Sure, he told a few jokes which had a political tone. Such as remarking that if a Obamacare repeal and replace bill does not get passed by the Congress soon, he may fire HHS Secretary, Tom Price, who was on stage with Trump.


The extent to which the Fake News Media has to continually have to smear President Trump became even more evident by the coverage of the Boy Scouts Jamboree. I did not watch but I′m sure Psycho Joe Scarborough probably had something awful to say about it, too, during his MSNBC show, ″Morning Schmoe″. President Donald Trump praised the Boy Scouts for their devotion to God and their dedication to helping others. As well as their commitment to becoming strong, self-reliant citizens, preparing themselves for their futures as adults. That is the story the Fake News Media failed to tell, ashamed and angry of anyone who loves America.


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