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Pres. Trump Slams Obama on Russian Meddling

After the Washington Post published a long ′news′ item, President Donald Trump slammed Barack Obama for failing on the Russian meddling of the 2016 elections. The Post elaborated for some 36 pages worth of text about how ″brave″ Obama was for keeping the alleged Russian interference from the American people. That he did not want to cast any doubts on the expected victory of Hillary Clinton. The Post even tried to make Obama look heroic for telling Vladimir Putin to ′cut it out′. LOL! Like Obama could make Putin quiver in his boots! NOT! But, the actual result of the puff piece has been showing Obama as being a big, soft, marshmallow. And a foolish one at that!




Even some Democrats are now coming out angry that Obama did not do more to stop the Russian meddling. As well as not telling the American people. Some think that it might have helped rally more support around Hillary Clinton had the nation known about it. President Trump called Obama′s efforts and actions, ″inadequate″. How right Trump is! Talk about how Obama authorized ′cyber bombs′ to be hacked into Russia′s computer systems was hardly wise of the Washington Post. Haven′t we heard from folks like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham that such cyber attacks should be considered as ′Acts of War′?


The real story behind the Washington Post story is that it is not a new story. There was really nothing new revealed in it. The story was a futile attempt to make Obama look heroic and what it actually did was make him look even more weak and largely at fault. Perhaps Russia might not have done anything if it were not for Obama trying to interfere in many other national elections? Israel, Ukraine, the UK Brexit vote, Macedonia and many other national elections were tampered with by the Barack Obama administration. About 50 foreign elections were ′meddled′ with by Obama. If Russia had meddled in ours, then, as Rev. Wright would say, ″America′s chickens, are coming home, to roost!″


Whatever Russia had done or tried to do pretty much failed. There is no evidence that any votes were changed, nor manipulated, by Russia. MSNBC conspiracy queen, Rachel Maddow, tried boosting a story about how Russia targeted several ′Democratic′ counties in Texas to alter the vote. Bad example, Rachel. Rumors from poor polling that showed Texas was a potential flip for Hillary Clinton turned out to be a lot of bull! President Trump won Texas easily by a substantial margin. The three counties allegedly targeted essentially voted along historic patterns. Any Russian meddling there had no effect on the outcome.


The whole Russian meddling story follows a similar pattern. While there may have been some hacking into voter rolls in some counties, that had no impact on the actual vote. Then we have the exit polls, where voters explained why they voted the way they did. It was very clear that despite Trump having some awful favorable ratings in many places, the ratings were even worse for Hillary Clinton. The only real meddling that had any impact on the 2016 elections came more from the DNC during the Democratic Party primary race. Bernie Sanders came pretty close to toppling Hillary with hardly any money and no Establishment support from the ′Super Delegates′. The enthusiasm just never was there for her all along. I know plenty of die-hard Democrats who held their noses when they voted for Hillary.


We are seeing a similar situation now in these special elections. The Democratic Party has a lousy, worn-out message and agenda, which most of the country opposes. Sure, the few but densely populated areas still buy the old song and dance from the DNC. But geographically, about 90% of America routinely rejects the extreme Liberalism preached by the Democrats. The Party is poorly run and extremely corrupted by its aging, power-mad leadership. There is no bench of younger, fresher candidates with a more ′Mainstream′ message being groomed. Howard Dean realized this in 2006 when, as DNC Chair, recruited many ′Blue-Dog′ Democratic Party candidates and successfully regained control of the House and Senate.


However, since 2008, the DNC has gone back to its older ways. By 2010, they lost the House and their huge margin in the Senate began to dwindle. Russia had nothing to do with this decline. The Democrats have lost more than a thousand elected offices nationwide because they choose to be too divisive, too extreme. Obama failed on the economy, on healthcare and financial reforms, on terrorism, and in foreign policy. He also failed socially in uniting the country and succeeded in only dividing it further. Nobody saw Hillary Clinton as being able to do any better.


President Donald Trump blames Barack Obama for failing on the Russian meddling of the 2016 elections. Why not? Obama failed at everything else! Both Obama and Hillary certainly failed when it came to any issues concerning Russia. From the ′Reset Button to Uranium One′, America got the short end of the stick from Vladimir Putin. President Trump, on the other hand, seems to be standing up to Putin. So much for the collusion case! Yeah, Russia wanted Trump elected because he was going to give them a harder time than Hillary Clinton. That makes sense, doesn′t it??? The only collusion we saw in the 2016 elections was the DNC and The Media colluding together against Trump. And against Bernie Sanders, too, I might add! Maybe Robert Mueller should look into that? As John Wayne would say, ″That′ll be the day!″


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