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Pelosi Sets House Impeachment Vote

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a vote on Thursday in the House of Representatives on officially launching an impeachment inquiry.  If the vote passes, then the House Judiciary Committee will take over the investigation against President Donald Trump.  Furthermore, the vote would open the door to allowing House Republicans to have the same power as Democrats in issuing subpoenas and questioning witnesses.  Something that Pelosi and Adam Schiff have been trying to avoid.  An official inquiry would also allow President Trump to have his own lawyers involved in the process, as well. However, one should keep in mind that the vote would be politically motivated.  About 40 House Democrats are from Congressional districts which President Trump carried easily in 2016.  Since he took office, House Democrats have already had 3 votes on starting impeachment investigations, all of those failed.  The last was in July when the focus was on alleged obstruction of justice stemming from the so-called Mueller Report.  Those Democrats in Trump-won districts rejected the investigation.

So, the impeachment inquiry vote Thursday is by no means a sure thing.  I would put the odds at 50-50.  We already know that the vote will be largely along partisan lines.  Few, if any, Republicans will vote yes.  The vote will depend on 40 or so Democrats from Trump-friendly districts.  Given how flimsy the allegations are on this Ukraine phone call thingy, it should be a close call.  The vote could go either way.  If I were betting Yankee dollars, I would bet on the vote failing.  Any fool can see that this issue is neither illegal nor is there any obstruction of justice associated with it.  Even the Ukrainian government says there was no quid pro quo from the phone call.  

On the other hand, when has the truth, or reality, ever stopped Democrats from being stupid?  Even war-monger Democrats like Lyndon Johnson acted stupidly.  Not only did he restrict crucial facilities from being bombed, but he also forced our pilots to fly specific approaches to approved targets.  This allowed North Vietnam to concentrate their air defenses, resulting in more US pilots getting shot down.  

The vote on Thursday is designed for one thing.  To give Nancy Pelosi political cover should the impeachment inquiry be rejected.  She gambled on starting this mess, believing that Adam Schiff had 'the goods'.  But, as we now know, he never did.  Pelosi screwed the pooch when she put her career in the hands of Schiff.  Mind you, she's never been a very bright lightbulb.  Pelosi owes more to the ineptitude of House Republicans in the past.  She is obviously coming unglued as evident from her outburst at the White House last week.  Now, with 2020 facing her, Pelosi is in deep trouble as her Congress has failed to deliver on any campaign promises made in 2018.  With impeach already dead on arrival in the Senate, Thursday's vote may give Pelosi a second chance to put aside politics and actually do some real work on behalf of the American people.  But don't hold your breath!  I certainly won't.

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