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Paul Manafort Wiretapped, Trump Was Right Again

CNN reported the other day that Paul Manafort was being wiretapped by the FBI and Department of Justice both before and after his stint was a campaign manager for Donald Trump. Two FISA Court warrants were used to conduct surveillance on Manafort, possibly including his apartment/office at Trump Tower in New York. So, once again, we may have more proof that President Donald Trump was right when he tweeted on Twitter about Barack Obama spying on him. The President originally tweeted after stories were published by both the New York Times back in January and another story from in March. The immediate reaction by most of the news media, as well as by many members of Congress, including Paul Ryan, was to dismiss this allegation. Many in The Media, including Shep Smith at Fox News, called the President a liar.




Yes, they poked fun at President Trump, calling him crazy and delusional. Some went rather far and deep in questioning his sanity. A ′conga-line′ of government officials claimed that there had been no such surveillance on Trump Towers. James Comey, while still Director of the FBI, said under oath during Congressional hearings that no surveillance took place. Former DNI Director James Clapper said the same on national television. So who is lying now?


True, we have to consider the source of this latest revelation, CNN, the home of Fake News. The New York Times, which originally broke the story this past January is also not exactly the most honest, nor reliable source for information. Both have repeatedly published stories which later turned out to be false, including many concerning President Trump and this whole Russian collusion thing. However, the journalists at are considerably more trustworthy and objective. We also know that even before revelations about Manafort, it is obvious that electronic surveillance was being used against Michael Flynn, which is what the original stories from the NY Times and Circa were about back in January and March.


Special Council Robert Mueller also has more egg on his face after additional details have emerged about the 3am FBI raid on Paul Manafort′s home outside of Washington. That the FBI picked the front door lock to gain entry into the house. That they even went as far to frisk Manafort′s wife for a possible handgun. The execution of the ′no-knock′ search warrant to seize Manafort′s computer files was done in a very extreme way, usually reserved for a more violent class of criminals.


The big question now is what did Barack Obama know about the electronic surveillance on Flynn and Manafort? We know he had been briefed about the possibility of Russian involvement in meddling with the 2016 elections. Obama, himself, admitted to knowing about the possible Russian hacking of the DNC computer system, and probably had been briefed about the alleged collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. He admitted that he knew about the mysterious document about Trump′s visit to Russia years ago for the beauty pageant his company owned.


So, did Barack Obama approve and authorize the request to the FISA Courts to wiretap Trump Tower? If not, who did? Somebody in his administration must have done so. As they say, it is ′unprecedented′ for an administration to conduct such surveillance on a presidential campaign by an opposing political party. This is exactly the sort of thing you see in oppressive, even Fascist countries! To date, there has not been a single shred of evidence of any actual collusion between the Trump campaign and any foreign government during the election. On the other hand, we have significant evidence that the Hillary Clinton campaign was getting help from the government of Ukraine. Where is the investigation into that? Does one even exist?


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