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One Year Till 2020 Vote

We are just one year away from November 6, 2020, our next national election day!  While generic, nationwide polls, promoted by The Media, show President Donald Trump being defeated by several of the Democrat candidates, polls of likely voters in key 'Battleground States' show our President easily beating all but one.  Joe Biden is up by an edge in one such poll and dead even in another.  This is problematic for Democrats, as Biden is polling badly in early caucus and primary states.  His campaign has also been having trouble raising money.  Biden has run twice before and both times got blown out early in the primary season.  The two candidates polling the best in early states are Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Both have the cash and organization to survive the initial batch of primaries.  The problem for both, however, is that in the battleground polls, President Trump beats them.  


Keep in mind that a year before the 2016 elections, nationwide polls showed Hillary Clinton defeating Candidate Donald Trump by some 12 points.  Even the last polls just before that election showed her winning by 3 to 6 percent.  So nationwide polling, even of likely voters, are pretty useless at this time.  As in 2016, the election will be decided by a handful of states, such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and probably Michigan and Wisconsin.  Early indicators show President Trump winning them all over any of his opponents, including Joe Biden.  Pennsylvania is one state where Biden has a chance at wrestling away from Trump, while none of the other Democrats having any hope.  In 2020, President Trump may do some wrestling of his own, winning in Minnesota.  He lost there in 2016 by about 20,000 votes despite having only one fulltime campaign worker.  Today, there are more than 20.

Staff problems are on the rise for Democrats as their field of candidates is whittled down.  Senator Kamala Harris has essentially conceded New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders, closing all offices and laying off workers.  She is now putting most of her resources in Iowa, keeping 17 field offices open and staffed.  Harris hopes to last long enough to stay in the race when California holds its primary earlier this election cycle.  But even then, despite Harris being from the Golden State, she is not doing all that well there.  Frankly, the way things are going, I doubt if her campaign will last that long.

So, do not get too excited about any of the polling data you see or hear about.  Such results mean very little at this point in time, despite the hype from The Media.  The Hunter Biden story may still blow up in his father's face, tarnishing Joe Biden's political career and last attempt to become president.  On the other side of the coin, the Trump-Ukraine story and the impeachment effort by House Democrats is losing credibility everyday.  According to Chief Witch Hunter, Adam Schiff, about the only 'crime' they might try to impeach Trump  is "obstruction of Congress".  Too bad there is no such crime on the books.  There is no federal statute, neither felony nor even misdemeanor covering obstructing Congress.  On top of that, the examples given so far of such obstruction can easily be legally defined as 'Executive Privilege' or even just as 'Separation of Powers'.  

With one year to go before the 2020 presidential election, there is no reason to fret, panic or even worry.  Not if you support the reelection of President Donald Trump.  On the other hand, if you are backing one of the remaining Democrats running for president, go ahead and panic!  Although the real 'crunch time' is still months away with the first showdown, the Iowa Caucus, not happening until early February.  The Media would like you keep you worried and at the edge of your seat the whole time.  But ignore them!  There is no need to wonder how Joel Hodgson or Mike Nelson eat or breath on board the Satellite of Love.  Such science facts are meaningless.  Just repeat to yourself "its just a show", sit back and relax for Mystery Trump Theater 2020!

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