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North Korea Blinks, Trump Wins Again

Tired of Winning? President Donald J. Trump isn′t! His tough talk on North Korea has paid off. Their ′Dear Leader′, Kim Jong Un, has blinked and backed down on his threat to launch missiles at Guam. I am sure that the Fake News fools like Brian Williams, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta and ′Psycho′ Joe Scarborough are unhappy. They were looking forward to scaring the American public about how President trump was leading the nation to war with his tough rhetoric. But instead, President Trump showed the world that unlike other administrations, his has a spine, a backbone.




There was little doubt that a war would not happen. At least for any rational person. Kim Jong-un is too busy slamming down his liquor, which he spends some $30 Million dollars per year on, and who knows how much more for slamming down on hot, Eastern European hookers. He is just a depraved, little dictator who parties hard while his people starve. Just the sort of guy folks like Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison look up to. Or puts fear in the hearts of lightweights like Senator John McCain. Maybe McCain should go have his head examined? Oops, did I say something mean spirited???


No doubt that guys like Barack Obama are disappointed that President Donald Trump succeeded where Obama failed. True, so far all we won was an end to a looming threat against the island of Guam. North Korea still possess nuclear weapons and is developing missiles to carrying such to distant targets. But a positive step is still a positive step and there is no denying that. Everybody can relax a bit now as we form a strategy to make the next move to restrain Kim Jong Un in the future. For the time being, he can party hard without worrying about ′Fire and Fury′ raining down on Pyongyang any time soon.


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