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More Trump Fu, No James Comey Tapes

President Donald J. Trump once again demonstrated his ′Twitter-Tweet-Style′ of ′Trump Fu′! Grand Master Buddha Trump tweeted on Twitter yesterday about the fabled ′Comey Tapes′. Last week, when questioned by reporters, he replied that they would be disappointed with the news. How right he was! There are no tapes, at least none that he, himself recorded. Naturally, the Fake News Media tried to attack President Trump on this, with some even calling him a liar. However, President Trump did not lie. The Fake News Media over-reacted, as usual, and fooled themselves into believing there were such tapes. Let us look back at exactly what President Trump had said...




President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9. On May 11, a story was published leaked by ′unnamed sources′ about how Trump had demanded that Comey make a loyalty oath to him during a private meeting in the White House. Obviously, the story was leaked by someone close to Comey. On May 12, President Trump tweeted on Twitter, ″James Comey better hope that there are no ′tapes′ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!″ The ruse worked! Comey, himself, claims that on the following Monday night, he woke up in a cold sweat realizing that maybe there are tapes. This is when he handed over his ′memorial memos′ of his private meetings with Trump to a close friend, who then leaked them to the New York Times.


However, the upshot of the leaks was that Comey never told President Trump three times in private that he was never the subject of any investigation. But this all changed when James Comey testified in person before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. Under oath, Comey confirmed that he did tell President Trump 3 times that he was never the subject of an investigation, as well as that there was no evidence that there had been any collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign and transition teams. The only ongoing investigations by the Fbi were those on some former campaign staff and Michael Flynn, all for some minor irregularities in business dealings with foreign governments.


Meanwhile, members of Congress, as well as the Fake News Media, wanted those mythical tapes, comparing them to those made by Richard Nixon. So, finally, yesterday, President Trump returned to Twitter and tweeted the following. ″With all the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea whether there are ′tapes′ or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings.″ Ha-Ha-Hah!!! Buddha Trump once again defeats his foes with another example of Trump Fu!


Of course, this just set off another round of furious attacks by the Fake News Media. MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren, formerly of Fox News until she turned traitor, tried to make the point that by tricking them, The Media, into thinking there were such ′tapes′, President Trump may have committed an act of witness intimidation. LOL! Yep, Buddha Trump allegedly intimidated James Comey into telling the truth for once! What a hoot! Mind you, last week the Secret Service announced that there is no system at the White House recording every conversation. You would think that The Media would have guessed it by now.


But, that is the power of Trump Fu! The Fake News Media and the rest of the anti-Trump forces are so desperate for any, tiny piece of evidence that President Trump is up to something is over-blown and over-hyped. Just as former DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, admitted two days ago before the House Intelligence Committee that the Obama administration knew back in 2015 that the Russians were trying to hack our elections, but got nowhere with it. Barack Obama, himself, said as much before leaving office. But, The Media needed something to badger President Trump with. As did his enemies on Capitol Hill. Plus, Hillary Clinton needed something other than her own stupidity to blame for losing the election. So we have wasted the last 8 months on a story that was complete fiction.


The idiots in The Fake News Media, as well as Democrats, Republican ′Cucks′, and Leftist celebrities have all worked themselves into such a frenzy, they have lost any and all objectivity or common sense. President Donald Trump will not be forced out of office, nor will he be impeached. He has not done anything wrong. Buddha Trump has played his enemies like a fiddle, confounding and confusing them with his Trump Fu tactics. All the while steadily doing some real work to Make America Great Again! This is a game which he is a master of. The results are obvious. Even a new ABC News poll shows that while President Trump is at 38% approval, the Democratic Party is 10-points worse! The Media has even lower numbers than those. MSNBC, which displaced Fox News for two whole weeks, has slipped back into third place once again for cable news networks. Fox is back on top! I hope that all of those who think President Trump should stop tweeting on Twitter wake up and realize that he is a master at the art of communication, and his tweets serve him well. He defeated 16 GOP candidates, Hillary Clinton and all of the political machinery The Establishment could muster. Seems to me that he knows what he is doing.


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