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More Pelosi Lies

Nancy Pelosi made the rounds Sunday spewing more lies about her stand on the Coronavirus response.  She now is claiming that the Trump China travel ban did not go far enough.  That she wanted all travel stopped, including those flights which allowed thousands of American citizens to escape the infected areas like Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province.  Pelosi seems to have forgotten her early tweet on Twitter criticizing the travel ban and calling for a 'No Ban Act'.  Pelosi also was encouraging citizens in her district to gather in large crowds and party, celebrating the Chinese New Year.  She also has been busy taking credit for financial assistance to U.S. citizens while delaying that relief while she eats her gourmet ice cream.  


Pelosi also finally endorsed Joe Biden for president, but was never asked any questions about allegations from Tara Reide about being sexually abused by Biden.  The Fake News Media is completely ignoring the allegations, despite new 'evidence' emerging from 1993 in the form of a segment of the old "Larry King Live" show on CNN.  Reide's deceased mother had called into the show, telling of her daughter's allegations, though without naming Biden.  However, this does verify that Tara Reide did tell friends and family about the sexual harassment allegations at the time it occurred.  Unlike those women who accused Brett Kavanaugh, where none of the accusers' acquaintances had any memory of complaints.  Yet, the Fake News Media had no problems running with those allegations despite being unfounded and unverified.

Nancy Pelosi has been an awful Speaker of the House during her second time around.  She allowed Congress to waste a whole year on trying to impeach President Trump.  First, clinging to the false hope that the Mueller Russia Probe might turn something up, even though Mueller knew back in June of 2017 that there was nothing.  Then, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats jumped on the phony allegations about Trump trying to extort the Ukraine government to dig up dirt on the Biden family.  Again, there was no evidence that this happened.  But, the attempted impeachment tied up the U.S. government for months, at the very same time that the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning in China.  

Pelosi has a lot of nerve for being such a liar.  Her hyper-partisan methods have delayed any useful actions by Congress to support and help the American People.  She blocked and delayed trade deals, infrastructure projects, and other initiatives begun at the White House.  Now, she has been delaying Coronavirus aid bills, generally for new good reason.  She delayed the first major funding bill as she tried to load it with Democrat pork.  Pelosi even squashed the Trump plans to suspend the payroll tax and to have 2 rounds of stimulus checks being sent to U.S. citizens.  When the small business program, PPP, needed more money, Pelosi delayed action for more than 10 days while Pelosi sat in her mansion in California eating gourmet ice cream.  Shame on you, Nancy Pelosi!  Shame on YOU!

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