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More Media Retracts Russia Fake News

The Associated Press and the New York Times retracted their stories about how all 17 U.S. Intelligence agencies believed that Russia tried to interfere in the 2016 elections. Turns out that only the FBI, CIA and NSA made such assessments, which were then compiled in a report published by the DNI, Director of National Intelligence. This comes after CNN was forced to retract a story about possible collusion between the Russians and an advisor to the Trump campaign. We also had this week the Project Veritas series of undercover videos, exposing how CNN knows that the Russia story is fake news, yet still focus on it daily because it drives ratings. In the third video, another CNN producer, Jimmy Carr, is recorded saying that the American voters are ″stupid as sh*t″″ and that 90% of the CNN news staff hate President Donald Trump.




The wave of fake news doesn′t end with just President Trump. Sarah Palin is considering a lawsuit against the New York Times for a story connecting her with the shooting of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords . The NY Times retracted the story after realizing that it was blatantly false. Outside of politics, ABC News settled a lawsuit this week by a beef producer which was suing the news agency for $1.9 Billion dollars over the false story about ′pink slime′. We are seeing more and more news stories being published, then retracted, because of the shoddy journalism which is practiced these days.


Then we have the recent kidnapping and brutal murder of 17 year-old Nabra Hassanen in Fairfax County, Virginia. She had been attending prayers at a mosque in Sterling, VA when she and her friends were returning to the mosque after getting some breakfast. In the parking lot, they got into a dispute with a man, who attacked them. While the others in the group ran inside the mosque, Nabra did not and was reported missing at about 4am on Sunday, June 18. At 3pm, her body was found in a local pond. Nabra had been brutally murdered. Police arrested a suspect and believe he killed Nabra with a baseball bat after kidnapping her.


Almost immediately, stories began surfacing across social media that she had been killed by a White supremacist, motivated by Islamophobia due to the alleged anti-Muslim rhetoric of President Trump. However, the suspect arrested was an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, 22 year-old Darwin Martinez Torres. He had been arrested the week before for beating up and raping another woman in front of her child. However, that victim did not press charges because she feared he was a member of the drug gang, MS-13, which police say he is not. Police released Torres on June 11, and ICE agents picked him up and released him the next day after attached an electronic tether to his ankle. Even after police declared that this was not a ′Hate Crime′ against Muslims, many groups are still calling it such and blaming President Trump.


The public is not buying it either. Viewer and readership numbers are declining for nearly every single news agency. Polling numbers show that the public′s opinion of journalists is at an all-time low. Even worse than Congress in some cases. The Washington Post has lately been using the tag line, ″Democracy dies in darkness.″ It should be ″Democracy dies in Fake News!″ The way that news agencies are playing fast and loose with the news they publish questions whether or not the First Amendment should apply to them any longer? Some of what the Fake News Media spews as news is the equivalent of yelling ″FIRE!″ in a crowded theater. The end result of which is a misinformed, divided nation with some people driven to violent acts.


We have seen a steady increase in violence since the elections, mostly caused by Far-Left vitriol and fake news stories about President Trump. Even the case of Reality Winner, the NSA contractor arrested for allegedly leaking classified material points to this. The former Bernie Sanders supporter had posted hateful items on her social media, and the FBI found notebooks in her residence with statements about blowing up the White House and joining the Taliban in Afghanistan. More and more Liberals are going to the extreme in their hatred, being egged on by fake news stories which are total lies.


The news media and celebrities cannot hide behind the First Amendment if they continue down this path. The stuff being spewed on MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″ the last few days has been outright shameful. Far worse than anything President Trump has ever said or tweeted on Twitter. From CNN to the late night comics and Hollywood celebrities, a steady drumbeat of hate and lies is having an effect on their audiences. They are inciting violence. The situation will only get worse unless cooler heads prevail.


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