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Mitch McConnell Dino-Sour On Tax Reform

While President Donald Trump wants tax reform this year, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is in no hurry. The reigning ′Dino-Sour′ in the Senate is talking about holding off on any tax cuts or reform until next year. Many wish that McConnell would take an early retirement and go home. Meanwhile, President Trump will begin a 7-week blitz of 13 states to push for his agenda. He has been holding meetings and even dinners with members of both political parties to get the ball rolling on tax cuts and reform. Can America′s deal maker get the job done?




Mitch McConnell has become so use to being a legislative obstacle that he has apparently forgotten that there is now a Republican in the White House! Or that the Senate has a Republican majority. McConnell is living in the past. Old ′Fossil-Face′ has been dragging his feet ever since the elections. There seems to be no end to his obstructionist ways. The U.S. Senate has done very little so far this year. Dozens of appointees have yet to be confirmed. McConnell is giving slow-motion a whole new meaning.


For years, all we have heard from Mitch McConnell are excuses. Give us a majority in the Senate. Give us a Republican in the White House. Well, we have that now, as well as a majority in the House of Representatives. And yet, hardly anything is getting done. President Donald Trump is a high-energy, low-drag leader. He has been doing what he can to reduce red tape and reverse the malaise of the Barack Obama years.


Sometimes I wonder who is the worse senator? Mitch McConnell or John McCain? Must be something about these old guys with an M and a double C in their last names. They are slower than a bowel movement after consuming a loaf of white bread with plenty of soft cheese. If President Donald Trump has to wheel and deal with Democrats to get some tax cuts and reforms passed, then so be it! From the looks of things, it is abundantly clear that Mitch McConnell intends to spend the next three years sitting on the toilet, with his hand on the handle..., waiting. Pardon the ″J-Men Forever″ pun!


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