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Michael Caputo Faces Mueller Drumhead

To those of you who cringe when President Donald Trump calls the Robert Mueller probe a witch hunt, watch the Tucker Carlson interview with Michael Caputo. Caputo worked for the Trump campaign from November, 2015 through April, 2016 as part of the New York State primary team. After that, he was promoted to the 5th Floor of Trump Tower as a campaign communication adviser, leaving altogether later in the summer. On Monday, Caputo was in closed-door Senate hearings probing Russian collusion, and then spent 3 hours before Robert Mueller′s investigators. The experience was enough to make Caputo declare that he will never get involved in a GOP election campaign ever again!




In fact, Caputo thinks that this may be the whole point of the Mueller probe and the rest of the Deep State/Media cabal war against President Trump. Caputo said, ″... so, that 15 years from now, when another billionaire tells his wife that the country is broke and only he can fix it, she will remind him of ″Look what they did to Trump!″.″ Rush Limbaugh echoed this in great detail Thursday during his radio broadcast. Everyone connected with President Trump is being attacked to discourage them from continuing to or ever working for him again. Caputo, like Michael Flynn and others, has accumulated massive legal debts, with each new appearance before investigators costing him another $25,000. Mueller and his team have unlimited funds it seems, plus all the time in the world.


Barack Obama carried out the weaponizing of the federal government begun by Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were barely in the White House a week before Bill and Hillary had their private body guard go and fetch over 400 FBI files on the Who′s-Who of Washington society. Obama had it even easier, thanks to Facebook giving him all the data on all of their users. Obama′s analytics team could sift through a couple hundred million profiles to see whom might be useful or a foe.


Almost immediately, Obama got all of his cronies appointed and confirmed within the federal government. Eric Holder and Robert Mueller made sure that the DOJ and FBI would only go after those people who Obama wanted hounded. The same was true from every other agency, including the IRS, EPA, etc. Even after Obama lost control of the House of Representatives, the grip of power never slackened. Congressional oversight was a joke! Eric Holder sure didn′t care if he were found in contempt. Why should anybody else?


This Deep State cabal, with a bit of help from The Media, carries on today as it did back then despite the election of Donald Trump. Even while some cabinet officials have been approved, the Deep State is still full of the Old Guard, the True Believers. Groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Club For Growth still help K-Street lobbyists keep their pressure up on the House and Senate.


President Trump is making some progress. He has slashed federal regulations like no other president ever has. He has also made more appointments of judges to the district courts. The economy speaks for itself. Record, low unemployment levels, fewest receiving unemployment insurance, wages, incomes both up. On the global stage, America is back as the world leader and President Trump may pull off the greatest foreign policy coup since the collapse of the Soviet Union.


This is why the Deep State wants to smear and destroy President Trump. He is proving that someone from outside The Beltway can do a far better job at running the nation than any of the usual politicians. Barack Obama thought that he had The System sufficiently rigged to deny the GOP from ever ascending into power again. Obama, the Deep State and The Media were all confident that Hillary Clinton would be elected and cement the Democratic Party as supreme rulers forever. But, it didn′t work out that way! Robert Mueller was chosen to try to correct the outcome.


So, here we are where we are. The good news is that while the nation was very much split, divided after the election, time and the numbers are beginning to work in favor of President Trump. Some polls show as many as 61% now agree with him that the Mueller probe is a witch hunt. Hillary Clinton′s popularity is tanking even worse than before. So, too, for the Fake News Media. A rather large segment of America no longer trusts the leaders of the FBI or DOJ. More are believing that there is a Deep State conspiracy against President Trump.


With each success by President Trump and each new revelation about the anti-Trump bias within the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies, our side wins a victory. I, for one, think that President Trump should end all cooperation with Mueller. Rod Rosenstein thinks he can stonewall Congress all day long despite them having oversight. Mueller has nothing compared to the power of President Trump thanks to Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution. The fact that Mueller had to bring Michael Caputo back in for another round of questioning shows that they still have NOTHING! This is the time for President Donald Trump to unfurl his sail and show his might. No threat of a subpoena can stop him now!



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