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Megyn Kelly Uses Alex Jones to Attack Trump

Last night, NBC News aired another episode of ″Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly″. The lead ′item′ was a so-called interview by Megyn Kelly with Alex Jones, founder of But the 17-minute long segment had very little of Jones. Mostly of Kelly badgering him about old stories Jones has long since apologized or corrected. The majority of the time was spent getting feedback from other so-called ′journalists′, and one Sandy Hook parent, to trash Jones and President Donald Trump. Kelly, who failed to ′take-down′ Trump during the first GOP primary debate, and was utterly humiliated by him after, tried to use Jones to attack President Trump. The last few minutes of the program featured Tom Brokaw bemoaning how the Internet has become full of right-wing hate speech, and is the cause for our politically charged nation.




While Megyn Kelly accused Alex Jones of not checking his facts before posting them at InfoWars, it looks like Megyn didn′t check her facts, either. A recent story from Vice News details the dramatic increase of Internet hate speech from Left-wing groups as well as a rise in violent acts by The Left. Vice News is owned by Vice Media, a rather Liberal network which has its own cable channel featuring mostly programs encouraging drug legalization.


I watch Vice often. My favorite show was ″Action Branson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel″. This show features rapper and foodie, Action Branson and his homies hanging out on a stage filled with a couch and other furnishings which appear to have been purchased from a Goodwill store. Behind them is a large green screen, which allows Branson and his pals to be seen floating above Egyptian or Mayan pyramids, or floating in front of some nebula in deep space. All the while they are smoking massive amounts of high-grade marijuana as they watch ″Ancient Aliens″ which airs on the History Channel.


The Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones interview became somewhat of an embarrassment to NBC News. First, Jones had secretly recorded the actual interview and released parts before the show aired. He also demanded that the segment be canceled after seeing how it was just a hit piece. The NBC affiliate in Connecticut refused to air the program after many parents from Sandy Hook demanded it be pulled because Jones had once stated that the school shooting was a hoax to spur more gun control laws. After Megyn Kelly got rolled by Russian President Vladimir Putin, her credibility as a journalist, or even just as an interviewer, seems very shaky.


Kelly has been desperate in trying to make a name for herself in the news industry. Her abrasive, sharp-elbow style has fooled many. She can also play the woman-mother card, too, to demonstrate some level of compassion. This act of hers is not much better than when Bill Clinton or Barack Obama fakes a tear. For years, she fooled the Fox News audience pretending to be some sort of ′Conservative′, or at least a ′Traditionalist′, like her old co-worker, Bill O′Reilly. Perhaps it is just Irish blarney?


During the 2016 presidential campaign, Megyn Kelly tried her best to derail Donald Trump. Not only did it not work, it actually made Trump a stronger candidate, increasing his base of supporters. The Trump-Kelly feud went on for months. He even skipped another GOP primary debate in Detroit to teach Kelly and Fox News a lesson. Instead, Trump held a fund-raising rally for American veterans, which raised millions of dollars. The ratings for the debate on Fox News were off by about a half-a-million viewers. Eventually, a truce was negotiated by Roger Ailes which included a private meeting between Trump and Kelly. He later granted her an exclusive interview, her last big one, before leaving Fox News for NBC News.


Kelly had probably been hoping to slide into Bill O′Reilly′s time slot, but Bill had yet to cave in to any pressure. Tucker Carlson was awarded Megyn Kelly′s time slot, scoring ratings as good if not better than her′s and costing Fox News less than one-50th of her salary, if even that! Even though it was rumored that FNC had offered her a $25 Million per year deal, Kelly jumped ship to work at NBC News for an estimated $20 Million a year. Some reports put the figure at half that. Not long after she parted company with Fox News, O′Reilly finally was forced out, saving FNC even more millions. Once again, Tucker Carlson was rewarded the 8pm time slot, and is doing well with ratings.


If Megyn Kelly thought she would scored big points trying to smear Alex Jones and President Donald Trump in one swing, she was very much mistaken. Her so-called interview with Jones which aired last night on NBC (except in Connecticut), was a blatant hit-piece which failed to score a hit. This makes 2 of her first 3 episodes of her new show dismal failures. Probably all 3 since the second one hardly made any news and must have really stunk! She had a good thing going at Fox News before she tried to fly too close to The Trump. Now, like Icarus, Kelly is falling out of the sky, tumbling towards an end to her TV career. If I were on her staff, I′d start working on my resume!


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