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Media Frenzy Over G20 Summit Lapel Pins

So what is the Fake News Media complaining about today? Naturally, it is about President Donald Trump! Seems that our President did not wear the ′official′ G20 Summit lapel pins that all of the other national leaders wore to the Hamburg conference. Instead, President Donald Trump wore an American flag lapel pin, as he always does. I suppose Trump critics are running out of steam as their attacks have become sillier by the day. Speaking of which, today is Day 4 of the CNN Meme War. Starting after CNN forced a Reddit user to take down his Trump-CNN wrestling meme, the Internet is being flooded with anti-CNN memes. Hundreds have been created, partly thanks to offering a $20,000 prize for the best one!




My favorite of the new wave of CNN memes is the one starring Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Yes, I′m a ′Trekkie′ and proud of it! This meme begins with Mr. Spock detecting something on ″Scanner #57″. We are then treated with a collection videos about CNN on the ship′s main view screen. With each video, members of the Enterprise crew react in disgust and embarrassment. In the Star Trek future, Fake News is held with the same contempt that we Trump supporters have.


As I said, there are hundreds of these new CNN memes on the Internet. So many that even CNN, with their vast resources, cannot stop them. But they keep trying. This morning another Fake News Media complaint is on a CNN ′Top Gun′ meme which Donald Trump Jr. posted on Twitter. This one shows CNN as represented as an enemy jet fighter being blasted out of the sky. Other such memes include President Trump as The Hulk, beating the tar out of CNN-Loki from the movie ″The Avengers – Age of Ultron″. Some of the cuter ones take us back to the old ″Roadrunner″ cartoons, with CNN as the Wiley Coyote, blowing himself up or having his devices backfire in trying to stop the Roadrunner-Trump.


So that is what is going on today. Forget about how ISIS is nearly defeated in Mosul thanks to President Trump allowing our military to do whatever is necessary. Or how the ratio of employed Americans to adult population, the Labor Participation Rate, has jumped from the dismal 1970s under Obama to the better days of the 1980s under Ronald Reagan. Despite the best efforts by CNN and the rest of the Fake News Media, President Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises. To ′Make America Great Again″!


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