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Liz Warren 52 Trillion Dollar Lie

Senator Elizabeth Warren finally made her 'Medicare For All' plan public.  The cost is estimated at some $52 TRILLION dollars over its first 10 years.  That would average out to more the doubling the current federal budget, which is about $4.5 Trillion per year.  Warren claims that her plan will not cost the Middle Class a single extra penny.  However, her plan has at least three funding methods which would impact the Middle Class.  The most glaring example is an increase in payroll taxes, which effect all income earners.  In addition, there are fees on financial transactions, which would effect anyone with a 401K, possibly even anyone with a bank account, plus higher taxes on small businesses.  Most small business owners are Middle Class, earner usually between $35,000 to $80,000 per year.  Hardly rich by any standard.

So, this makes Senator Elizabeth Warren not only a liar, but bat-shit crazy!  Her plan would also pay all doctors fees based on Medicare rates, which would probably force many out of the profession.  Private insurance would be wiped out.  At least two million people would lose their jobs, and I believe it would probably amount to ten times that, if not more!  Warren's plan would wreck our economy.  Obamacare had a big impact on damaging economic growth, especially limiting small businesses from hiring more that 50 employees and keeping workers to working 35 hours or less.  Obamacare regulations also stifled innovations, especially technologies which would improve healthcare and ultimately reducing costs.  WarrenCare would be even more harmful.

All of this talk by Warren about how she will only be taxing the super rich and big corporations is total bullshit!  Even if she were to tax all corporate profits on the Fortune 500 and 100% of all income over $200,000 per year, the most Elizabeth Warren would raise is less than $3 Trillion dollars per year.  Such taxation would throw the American economy into a depression worst than any other recorded.  There would be zero incentive to prosper.  Keep in mind that we are not raising enough revenue in taxes and fees to cover our current federal budget.  Warren wants to more than double it and add more than $2 Trillion per year to the National Debt.  Some economists predict that her scheme could shrink our GDP some 15-20%, causing further debt as less taxes and fees are available.

Believe me, if there was a way to provide free healthcare to every citizen, we would have had it decades ago.  Even Obamacare failed to cover some 30 million uninsured American citizens.  Most of whom actually only need some basic, catastrophic coverage.  Call it well intentioned if you like, there is no simple solution.  Even if you come up with some scheme, part of being an American is having the choice to act in your own, best interest.  I am confident that, thanks to President Trump lifting the Obamacare restrictions on innovation, we will eventually have technological solutions to reduce costs and expand quality healthcare to more people.  Newer, non-evasive techniques will shorten recovery times and lower costs.  Tele-diagnosis will improve communications between doctors and patients.  There is much going on and all one need do is stay out of the way and allow it to happen.  But Liberals do not think that way.  They believe they know best and want to make everything a bureaucratic nightmare.  

We already have too much bureaucracy, too many administrators within our healthcare system.  Elizabeth Warren would only expand these evils with her Medicare For All plan.  The costs to the economy would be catastrophic.  America would descend to a Third World country under Elizabeth Warren.  She is a Socialist.  Of course, she is not alone.  Nearly all of the others running for president in the Democrat Party are Socialists, too!  The so-called Moderates like Joe Biden are not far off the mark, either.  While they may not be Marxists, they all want to expand the scope and power of government bureaucracy.  Not a good thing!  As I like to say, "No peace without Spain!"  Vote Democrat if you want to commit economic suicide and destroy the country.

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