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Lisa Durden Fired After 'Tucked' on Fox News

Lisa Durden was fired as a teacher for the Essex County College after she mentioned the school during a recent appearance on ″Tucker Carlson Tonight″ on the Fox News Channel. Oddly enough, she was an adjunct professor of communications when she lost her job while communicating her support for Black Lives Matter. The controversial group recently held an ′all-black Memorial Day′ party which banned Whites from attending. Durden defended the ban, claiming that in America, its an ″all-White″ party everyday. On being fired, Durden says that she was ″publicly lynched″. However, what actually happened was that she was ′Tucked″! Being ′Tucked′ is what happens when Liberal idiots appear on Tucker Carlson′s show and hang themselves with their own idiotic views and opinions. Tucker just sits there and allows them to self-destruct in full glory.




I am amazed by why any of these Liberal fools would accept an invitation to appear on Fox News, especially ″Tucker Carlson Tonight″? Don′t they know any better? I suppose the question is rhetorical, since the very reason Tucker invites them on is because these guests say or do the craziest things. Durden clearly behaved as one would expect a racist would. The President of Essex County College, Dr. Anthony Munroe, seems to agree with me. His statement issued about the firing of Lisa Durden makes this very point.


He states, ″I fully believe that institutions of higher education must provide a safe space for students to explore, discuss and debate, not only academic philosophies, but the harder issues related to living harmoniously and growing together in our communities as a country.″ Dr. Munroe then quotes Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., ″The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. ″ Dr. Munroe later adds that, ″Racism cannot be fought with more racism.″


Lisa Durden′s defense of Black Lives Matter′s ban on Whites at one of their functions crossed the line of common sense. Exclusion does not work which ever way it travels. We are seeing a growing trend in this thought process exhibited by Lisa Durden. For example, Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington recently experienced a minor rebellion as Black students demanded a ′Non-White′ day on campus. Even Liberal, White professors were to be subject to this desired ban.


Intellectual, even physical exclusion are not limited to only to the topic of race relations. Extremist Liberals seem to want to exclude anybody who disagrees with their viewpoint on any subject. The whole ′Climate Change′ issue has begun turning science into a religion based on faith, not facts. Science is all about asking questions and examining facts critically. Newer facts and theories routinely displace and replace older ones. Yet, the Warming ′Alarmists′ want to shut down any dissenting views and opinions which run contrary to their own.


This exclusionary attitude is not limited to just college campuses. There is a growing trend in the private sector as more and more large corporations are managed by Elitists who graduated from ultra-Liberal schools. In many companies and whole industries, those with Conservative, or even just ′Mainstream′ ideals are shunned, forced to hide or suppress their beliefs and opinions in fear of losing their jobs or denied career advancement. Last night on the new Fox News program, ″The Next Revolution″ hosted by Steve Hilton, an anonymous employee of a Silicon Valley tech company described the hostile working conditions he faces from his coworkers due to his politics.


Extremists groups which claim to be anti-Fascist wind u being more Fascist than those they protest against due to their policies and views on exclusion. They do what they can to shut down any and all free speech that contradicts their viewpoint. This is why America is becoming more divided. This is why the Far-Left have been losing political power, the most since the 1920s. Lisa Durden was fired by Essex County College because of her extreme views on exclusion, which she proudly displayed on Tucker Carlson′s show. Fox News did not have to trick, nor goad her into showing herself to have racist opinions against Whites. She tripped herself up when she forgot the old adage about ′two-wrongs-do-not-make-a-right′. As her former boss, Dr. Anthony Munroe wrote, ″Racism cannot be fought with more racism.″


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