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Liberal 'The Nation' Debunks Russia-Gate

In case you haven′t heard by now, author Patrick Lawrence wrote an in-depth article for the very Liberal magazine, ″The Nation″, debunking the whole Russia-Gate hacking story. He says what I have been saying all along, that the DNC computer system was never hacked by the Russians, nor any other outside entity. That the leaked emails which led to the demise of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on how the DNC was colluding with Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders was an ′Inside Job′. Somebody within the Democratic National Committee leaked the emails. Most likely a Bernie supporter who was upset with how the DNC was treating him and rigging the primaries and debates for Hillary.




This was pretty obvious, especially after early reports about how the hacker known as Gucifer 2.0 breaking into the DNC system were easily dismissed. Much of what Gucifer claimed to have done has also been dismissed. Sure, he did hack some systems and was a trouble maker, but he was not the Jesse James of Cyber Crimes. Lawrence writes that a group called VIPS, Veterean Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, did an independent review of the alleged hack on the DNC. Their findings were published by Robert Parry of with the latest published on July 24, 2017.


Some of the evidence is highly technical, such as finding meta-data from July 5, 2016 on a document allegedly hacked on June 14 by Gucifer. The assessment by the Ukranian firm, Crowdstrike, which had many connections to Hillary Clinton and the DNC, was flawed. The Crowdstrike assessment of the leaked DNC emails was the basis for the alleged assessment by those ″17 intelligence agencies″, which turned out to be actually only 3. The forensic evidence showed that the material provided to WikiLeaks was copied and leaked, not hacked. Blaming Russia was considered a better alternative than admitting that somebody within the DNC was not entirely 100% on board with getting Hillary elected.


One of the key elements of the VIPS review was finding indications that the DNC system was accessed by someone using a computer on EDT time. That some 1,976 MegaBytes was downloaded via its LAN, Local Area Network, in just 87 seconds. That much data cannot be downloaded remotely in such a short amount of time. No Internet Service Provider in mid-2016 offered that sort of download speed, about 22.7 ′Megs/second′. Tests show that even accessing a server some 20 miles away at best could download only 11.8 megs per second. The only plausible explanation is somebody inside a DNC office downloaded the data unto a USB thumb-drive, physically connected to a system terminal.


Now, it did not necessarily have to be the main headquarters. But it would have had to be at some DNC office somewhere on the East Coast, given the meta-data time-stamp of 6:45pm EDT. This rules out any ′hack′ from overseas, let alone much of North America. So neither the Russians, nor anybody in the Trump campaign, had anything to do with the DNC leak. This was clearly an inside job, which is what I have been saying for over a year. Not everyone within the DNC liked Hillary Clinton. The most likely culprit was probably a Bernie Sanders supporter, upset with how he was being mistreated. Naturally, this brings into question the need for a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged hacking and interference by Russia and any collusion with the Trump campaign.


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