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Let It Die, Obamacare Repeal Option

With two more Republican senators declaring that they will not support Mitch McConnell′s latest healthcare bill, the GOP Repeal-and-Replace Obamacare legislation has officially dead. Now, the only two remaining options are to either allow Obamacare to remain in place, or to vote on a bill to simply repeal it now and worry about a replacement later. Senate Majority Leader McConnell spiked the latest effort after a delay was needed following John McCain′s eye surgery. The hope was that the bill would be voted on this week, but that evaporated once McCain had a blood clot removed from his eye. While McCain might have made it back next week, some doctors say that he could be out for several weeks.



It is a sad day indeed when the entire nation has to wait because of one man. Too bad that the folks in Arizona didn′t elect a younger, healthier person to the U.S. Senate. Certainly one more dynamic and prepared to be a leader. John McCain has developed a reputation as a ′Shifty-Pete′, straddling the fence on many issues, even selling out the American people in favor of compromises. He wants to be loved, or at least respected by The Media and The Establishment. John doesn′t want to rock the boat, even though it is sinking fast!


Obamacare is sinking fast. The so-called ′Affordable Care Act′ is neither affordable nor is it providing much real health care to citizens. To make matters worse, it is failing miserably, with higher insurance premiums, declining availability and acting as a drag on our economy. Obamacare has been a major obstacle for small businesses wanting to grow. ACA regulations force employers to keep their workforces below certain levels, as well as the number of hours employees can work. Promises of reductions of some $2,500 dollars for families in insurance premium costs have instead increased over $4,500 per year since becoming law. Other promises, like keeping pre-ACA healthcare plans or doctors, were outright lies by the Barack Obama administration. They knew from the start that such would never be the case.


So, Congress can now either let Obamacare stay as it is and complete its death spiral, dragging down much of our healthcare industry with it, or it can just be repealed wholesale with no immediate replacement. With that option, things would essentially revert back to pre-ACA conditions, probably in a year or two. Some leeway must be given to insurance and health service providers to adjust for the future. During this ′grace′ period, Obamacare would be unwound as things revert back to the old days.


The advantage of the Repeal-Only-Option is that it gets rid of the whole mess of Obamacare. The ACA should never have been voted on in the first place. This sort of legislative reset has the potential of improving healthcare the way it should have been done originally, piecemeal. Our elected leaders are simply incapable of drafting any large, all-encompassing legislation. Because of that fact, most of the law drafting gets done by think-tanks and lobbyists, all with their own agendas. They then hand the draft over to those in Congress, along with campaign contribution checks.


The piecemeal approach usually produces better results. Keeping such bills focused one one or two issues means that if Congress gets it wrong, the whole system is not in peril. Just look at the Obamacare ′Flow Chart′ above. The ACA has a finger in every pot. When one aspect breaks down, the whole system collapses. The most troubling of these ′fingers′ was the idiotic assumption that young adults, namely from 26-35 years in age, were going to pay high insurance premiums necessary to fund healthcare for everybody else. Even with an insurance mandate, most chose to pay the modest tax penalty rather than buy into the insanity.


Now, make no mistake, our healthcare system was flawed before Obamacare. The government ran about 50% of it and did so poorly, making the other half worse. The idea that allowing the government to oversee even more was just plain lunacy! One would think that with examples like the VA hospitals and those government medical facilities on Indian Reservations would make this point clear to all. But, Obama and the Democrats believe in Big Government, as do many Republicans who bow at the altar of The Establishment.


Fixing our healthcare system with more, genuine, free-market solutions is possible, but these solutions must be done incrementally and be very narrow in their scope. Ideas like complete transparency in billing, selling insurance across state lines, etc., should be legislated in small, separate bills, which or not weighed down by pork and over-regulation. Also, giving credence to CBO scoring and predictions is ludicrous. The notion that the CBO can predict that 22 Million will ′lose′ their healthcare 9 years from today because of the last GOP Senate bill is insane. How can they possibly know what life will be like 9 years from now?


Nine years ago, smart phones were an oddity. Those who are tech-savvy had them but most consumers saw little use for them. Today, 9 years later, the smartphone has taken over human communications. People are even watching TV and movies on them. You can now buy, for about $100, a device and an app for sending health information directly to your doctor in real time, ending the need for a visit to an office or a hospital. Remote care will soon surpass home care as technology advances. Star Trek like devices are also coming shortly which will be game changers in how patients are diagnosed and treated.


Obamacare was supposed to help the 40 Million or so Americans who had no health insurance. The ACA never came close to accomplishing that promise. At best, maybe half obtained coverage, with about 70% of those simply added to an already overburdened MedicAid system. Before Obamacare, it was a toss-up which government program would go bankrupt first, MedicAid or MediCare? After the ACA became law, we′ve got our answer, MedicAid!


Senator Mitch McConnell has only one option left if he wants to try and help fulfill a long-standing promise by the Republican Party. A U.S. Senate vote to simply repeal Obamacare with no replacement is the last card to play before the year is over. The GOP members of Congress have only themselves to blame for this debacle as they have never really embraced President Donald Trump. We knew that the Democrats were not going to participate from the start. Even the few Democratic Party senators facing tough reelections in 2018 are holding back from acting on behalf of the American people. If these knuckleheads thought that failing on replacing Obamacare was going to hurt President Trump, they are sadly mistaken. He keeps tweeting on Twitter that he is waiting to sign a bill, any bill. The GOP better wake up fast and realize that if they fail to just repeal Obamacare now, they are going to pay a heavy price come the next election.


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What Obama Care did was kill the patient. The patient had a cold and instead of fixing the cold Obama killed the patient. Congress do not have to be on Obama Care and the congressional staff members could not afford it so they were all exempt. America had 20 to 30 million who needed help while the other 320 million were satisfied with their health care. Instead of helping the 20 to 30 million by offering a government paid for plan funded by tax payers, the Democrats forced as many as possible on this death plan. Many people lost their jobs and health care because of Obama Care. Now the Republicans are suppose to save this mandate and the Democrats are running to cameras declaring it is Trumps fault that Obama Care is a mess and that the repeal did not go through. I do not blame Trump for this the Democrats are to blame and the three Republican Chics who will not vote to repeal Obama care. I wonder if they will get re-elected and who paid them to not vote.



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